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     Can we please begin to  organize around independent candidates on the following issues:


 1]Bring all our troops home now.  [Ron Paul is right.]  Give them the right care, cause the picture isn’t pretty.  Let's change our foreign policy.  We don't need an anti-war movement, we need a PEACE coalition/bloc.  Make that the core.  Peace.

2]Repeal that ____ “patriot act”.  There’s nothing patriotic about it.  It’s the Uncle Joe Act, the Soviet-style Surveillance Act, the Big Brother is Watching Act.  Anyone who hasn’t voted to repeal it by 2010 has gotta go.   We have to create independent candidates around these two ideals:  Peace and Freedom.

 3]He who voted for the bailout ….. what can I say  ... the people around Obama are all the proof Americans need.

 4]Have all those troops patrol the border once they get home.  Now that may be a bit harsh for some, so let’s just get everyone in this country more or less legal.


    GO TO YOUR TOWNHALL MEETINGS!!! ENCOURAGE RETIRED VETERANS, RETIRED FIREMEN & RETIRED SHERIFFS TO RUN ON THE INDEPENDENT PARTY TICKET!!!!   [That's a joke, son ... I made a funny]     We don't need no stickin' party!   We need a political movement around these four issues. 


      In any event, here is an email I sent to InfoWars.com the day after the last year's election.    I'm now making it public to all the TeaPartyMonsters! out there, who I hope will help me bring it to Alex's attention.  If anyone can organize this movement, it's the man who gave us Ron Paul.  Please  email this to all your TeaPartyMonster Friends!!!!   I've been hammering away at this for over twenty years and am glad to say America is finally waking up!!!!!



      To Alex and crew at  InfoWars.com,

         Bro, those of us who love ya need to remind you more hangs on what you do than you realize.         

        This  latest work of yours exposes our common  enemy.[1] So please, please be as positive as you can.  Your listeners don’t need to hear you rant and rave about how stupid, …actually the correct term is ignorant, …how ignorant all too many people are.   They’re our own family members so we know.  Please, be positive.

     You can energize us or bring us down.  Your choice.   

     [I'm pleased to say Alex hasn't been bursting a blood vessel as often as he once did and has been far more positive.]    

     In any event, the ball is in your court, it’s your shift, you’re in charge, the TopDog, the BigCheese the, the, … the HeadEnchilada.[2]   You can talk all you want about Ron Paul, but that’s THREE years away.][3]  By then you know the dollar will have crashed and that’s what we need to avoid at all costs. 

     We all gotta do something in 2010.   I am of the opinion that you and your crew should take a map of every Congressional district, of every Senate race, and attempt to get an electable candidate to run in every race that isn’t occupied by the very few Ron Paul’s and Dennis Kucinich’s in office.

      You are one of the few people on this planet who could successfully organize a grassroots independent movement around the following issues;


1]Bring all our troops home now.  Give them the right care, cause the picture isn’t pretty.  That’s how you change our foreign policy.  It’s not an anti-war movement, it’s THE PEACE movement.  Make that the core.  Peace.

2]Repeal that ____ “patriot act”.  There’s nothing patriotic about it.  It’s the Uncle Joe Act, the Soviet-style Surveillance Act, the Big Brother is Watching Act.  Anyone who hasn’t voted to repeal it by 2010 has gotta go.   We have to create legitimate candidates around these two ideals.  Peace and Freedom. 

3]He who voted for the bailout ….. what can I say.  You have said it all in Fall of the Republic.  The people around Obama are all the proof Americans need.  

4]Have all those troops patrol the border once they get home.  I personally think 300 million Americans is more than enough and that we should take down the plaque on the Statue of Liberty and say, “Get on board while you can!”.  Now that may be a bit drastic for some, so let’s just get everyone in this country more or less legal.

      I also recommend reminding Americans to be polite to illegals.  They just want to live here and have a good life too.  

     NAFTA took our jobs, sent them to Mexico, and then decimated the Mexican economy.  And that’s why they’re here.  NAFTA.  They’d rather been at home working too, but NAFTA is a one two punch, designed to make us all far poorer.



      5] I want that budget balanced, but then you start to lose what is actually a good …. seventy,  seventy-five, ….. dare I say eighty percent of the country with those four issues?  

     Now that … is a huuuuuuggggee constituency for RonPaul-RalphNader-like candidates.

     Now I beg you, Alex,  … I beg you,  …. please, please  give personal pleas asking well-known activists to run on these ideas.  The kind of Americans who can not only easily get people to listen to them, but can easily get people to pay to listen to them. 

     What is the point of playing FarmAID every year when it’s obvious to all too many of us that if you want to get something done, you’re  going to have to go to DC and do it yourself?  I wanted a Senator Nelson from Texas, but …. [sigh] Texas doesn’t have a Senate race this year.  Can’t have Willy speaking on the Senate floor for the farmers of this nation in ’11.   Less, he’s gonna be in the House for two years first getting some practice.

     Indiana has a Senate seat up this year,  why can’t we talk John Mellencamp or another activist who could easily be  the Senator from Indiana to actually run?  John, … I know you agree with the above four issues because I’ve been to your website and I know you have a good heart.  You should be the Senator from Indiana.  Pass out rubber stamps with your name all over voting locations in Indiana and get paper ballots back in the name of Stephen Spoonamore. You’ll still have time to play FarmAID.

      How about getting some of those Oath Takers to seriously consider running on the four issues above, Alex?   I mean you’re gonna need a few hundred candidates and guess what… you’re the perfect one to coordinate them. 

    I’m still fuming at Ventura.  I understand the hell it is, but Ron Paul cou;d seriously use him in the Senate body-slamming suckups and sell-outs with Bernie Sanders.  He could.  WE ALL COULD.  Anyway, … Ventura, you’re stuck running for a House seat this year and you should do it, cause you know you can win.  And we need YOU  to be voting on the above issues.  Can anyone talk Ventura into running? 

We’re in serious trouble.[5][5][4]  

     You can do this, Alex.  You’ve got the connections.  I’ll move down to Austin to help and you won’t have to twist my arm.

     So quit being negative,  I wake up every day knowing how evil these ______ are, but I also know more people are fuming at them each and everyday.  Worldwide.  The whole uniconscious has turned against them.[6][6][5] 

     Everyone, everyone is angry at them, from my parents who are retiring and don’t have all their savings in coins; to the Chinese and others who have bought all these dollar-denominated assets. 

     That’s why your latest video is so great,  the devaluing of the dollar has to be stopped, and it’s what’s infuriating the populace.  Worldwide.  It’s …beyond my eloquence.  [I shouldn’t rant either.]

      Get together Paul, Nader, Kucinich, Traficant, Buchanan, Mellencamp, Nelson, the Oath Takers and who knows else.  Anyone else who has a great shot of winning.  You know more than me.   Start pinning ‘em up on your map once they say they’ll run.I oh so wanted a Senator Nelson.  Sigh.  Things to remember, … things to forget.”  

     Anyway, … to get to the point, … if there is any, ….Alex, you are not only the Paul Revere of this peaceful, freedom-loving, movement, you’re just about everyone else from Thomas Paine to Thomas Jefferson too.  Less we get others to step into the ring with Ron Paul, what chance does he have?

     Nader.  Where does Nader live?  Anyone?  Get Him.

     Schiff and the Judge agree on most of the above issues.  

     Uh, who else?[7][7][6] You get one hundred and the rest will follow.  There’s a lot of acitivists out there plus others with common sense.

     If you don’t do this …. who will?

      To be point blank honest,

     Down with Big Brother!

     Down with Big Brother!


            I have a dream that Americans will begin to study economics and begin to realize how they are being completely shafted.

             I have a dream that Americans will stop voting for Democrats and Republicans altogether, unless they are technically already in the Peace Party and want to bring all our troops home worldwide.  Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Bernie Sanders, ….   

            I have a dream where the SOBs who made those twin towers fall straight down at free-fall speeds flee the country for their lives.    

     What else do we need to do? 

     You’re going to have to count the votes on the way out, exit polls are key to any chance of winning. 

     I wish Ron Paul & Ralph Nader had come together towards the end of 2008 and WON TOGETHER . 

     Forgive me, this is too long so I had better bring it to a close. 

Peace, Love, Flowers

Beer, Ammunition, Hardware

Will Binder


Virginia Beach, VA, USoAWho loves ya?



[[1] Fall of the Republic

[2] Watch Hot Shot Part Deux!!!!!  Laugh a little, bro.    

[3]  And I’ll be with y’all and Dr. Paul just like I was in ‘07and ‘08. 

[4]We should also demand paper ballots in each state.  I personally want a blank space where I can stamp a name or write it in.  …. and Ventura’s got a good point with a NO box too.

[5]Uniconscious …. “May we be one Father …. just as you and I are one”.  John 17  something or other. 

[6]I like Glen Ford for New York and Jack Hunter from South Carolina.  Both agree on the four above issues and suprisingly many more.  Glen goes at the Democats from the progressive side and Jack attacks the Republicans from a paleo-conservative stance.  People wouldn’t think Jack and Glenn are similar, but I see them essentially being tribal and yet intelligent enough to have the same values even with vastly different environments.  Both stand with their own people’s interests and guess what, they’re more or less the same.  On health care they’ll argue, but on three of the four above issues ... they are one.