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   The remedies to the European debt crisis are not at all intricate.  Rational leaders would realize that the idea of a single European currency has become a fiasco, a farce, a soon to be calamity and it has now become imperative to end the Euro’s time and make it a historical footnote.

The economies of Germany, France, Holland, Finland, among others, should leave the Euro immediately and return to their own currencies.  Critics have suggested that this would hinder, rather than help nations such as Germany, who would suffer from a strong currency. A strong Mark it is argued would whittle away at German exports, upon which the Germans are heavily dependent, by making them more expensive.  This need not be the case. 

If Germany were to return to the DM [Deutsche Mark],  she could easily peg the Mark to say, … the Ruble.  As Paul Craig Roberts has suggested, Russia is rich in resources German manufacturing needs and a prosperous symbiosis could be forged with a Russia more than willing to sell those materials to the Germans. 

Having pegged the Mark to the Ruble, if Germany’s leaders were wise, they would also offer to build many a new factory in Russia, completing the circuit.  This would benefit all peoples, nations, corporations involved, and need not include only Germany and Russia; although they would be among the largest partners. 

If the Germans’ leaders were sharp, bright, gifted, quick on the draw, any new manufacturing plants they were to assemble within Russia would reimburse employees with wages gauged against those in Germany, according to their productivity. It is unlikely most nations' workers would have the capability to match those in Germany in terms of speed and efficiency, but their productivity could easily be calculated as a percentage and their wages paid in accordance.

As Henry Ford once offered workers $5 a day, which was unheard of athe time, to draw employees who had the work ethic to earn that wage, his thinking being that they in turn would be loyal and buy FORD products; this is the kind of vision Germans need to apply in their relationship with Russia.   Building a friendship assembled upon trust, prosperity and of course the mantra repeated endlessly to children,   " LEARN AND WORK AS NEVER YET!"  is the truth,, the way and the life.

Will Russians, if paid well, become loyal and purchase quality products they helped to build?  This remains to be seen, but German brand names are yearned for the world over. 




On the other side of the coin, those nations who suffer debts owed to  corrupt, criminal, predatory lenders, such as Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, etc … these nations should default on their debts, rather continue to inflict “austerity measures”  upon their people. 

Iceland is the perfect illustration of how one deals with the “debts” the average citizen had no part in bringing upon themselves.  The creditors in many, not all, but many cases, are in essence loan sharks, and need to be dealt with as such.  John Perkin's testimony on the actual goal of indebting nations should be researched, pondered, digested and shared the world over.


Will this happen?  Well, we here in the states realize you can take down the most powerful empire in the world, if there are other empires who will come to your aid and there are enough rebels who would rather live free and die young than be slaves to sadistic degenerates.     


William Frederick Binder

Saint Louis, USoA

2012, Janus, the 25th of...,




The author would like to thank Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, whose own solutions he simply fleshed out. Gerald Celente for consistently analyzing the situation and eloquently describing what is to be done.  And of course, Stacey Herbert and Max Keiser whose calls for executing those responsible for the current economic disaster to be among the most accurate and entertaining.