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... to those who fight to protect life on our planet ... and understand our sacred duty towards God's wondrous creations -Jacques Cousteau

[This was written over 10yrs ago, but is reposted for those who partook in the Cimate March Worldwide on September the 21st of 2014]

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The TeaParty/Occupation should persevere until
The "patriot act" is incinerated rather than the Bill of Rights.
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[Disclaimer: The original Tea Party sounded like Ron Paul and was essentially about changing our foreign policy and balancing the budget, as well as repealing the "patriot" act as the anti-thesis of the Bill of RIghts.  Current members of the T-Party ....are POSERS!]



     Can we please begin to  organize around independent candidates on the following issues:


      1]Bring all our troops home now.  [Ron Paul is right.]  Give them the right care, cause the picture isn’t pretty.  Let's change our foreign policy.  We don't need an anti-war movement, we need a PEACE coalition/bloc.  Make that the core.  Peace.

      2]Repeal that ____ “patriot act”.  There’s nothing patriotic about it.  It’s the Uncle Joe Act, the Soviet-style Surveillance Act, the Big Brother is Watching Act.  Anyone who hasn’t voted to repeal it by 2010 has gotta go.   We have to create independent candidates around these two ideals:  Peace and Freedom.

       3]He who voted for the bailout ….. must die by the bailout.  The bailout is actually a handout and the largest banks who benefitted from it should be smashed.  They are still in the process of destroying the American economy!

      4]Have all those troops patrol the border once they get home.  Now that may be a bit harsh for some, so let’s just get everyone in this country more or less legal.


    GO TO YOUR TOWNHALL MEETINGS!!! ENCOURAGE RETIRED VETERANS, RETIRED FIREMEN & RETIRED SHERIFFS TO RUN ON THE INDEPENDENT PARTY TICKET!!!!   [That's a joke, son ... I made a funny]     We don't need no stickin' party!   We need a political movement around these four issues. 




  Do you abhor politics?  Have you ceased voting due to the corruption of America's political parties?
  Well then ... perhaps you should consider joining thEgghead Alliance [It's free!  No dues. No meetings. No responsibilites.] and help us empower the following special interests who seem to have been completely abandoned by our leaders. 
1]America's Vets 
2]America's Working People
3]America's Family Farmers 
  You can also help us to educate and inform Americans of scientifically sound policies.   
  All too many Americans have forgotten the founders of our nation gave us a government which we can change and mold through our own actions. 
  If you do not strive to empower representatives who will legislate laws which benefit us all, then who will?   




Quotable quotes

Wallace was respected as an author, zoologist, bontanist, the discoverer of scores of new species, the first European to study apes in the wild and a pioneer in the study of the distribution of animals.  But he constantly courted ruin by championing such radical causes as pacifism, land nationalization, wilderness conservation, women's rights and spiritualism.  In addition to his classic volumes on zoogeography, natural selection, island life and the Malay Archipeplago, he had written Miracles and Modern Spiritualism, which lauded spirituality.  And he had just allowed a controversial paper on "thought transference" to be read at a meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science -touching off an uproar that.....