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The Founding Fathers of the American Republic gave their people a constitution where a peaceful revolution is feasible every two years; for every two years We the People can throw out EVERYONE in the House of Representatives[1].

Since we have some time until the next election, it is immensely crucial those of us actively attempting to alter the current course our nation, [our species and our world] is on remember how easily it is to do so.  

How hard is it to create something that goes viral on the internet these days; something where virtually everyone capable of thought vows not to vote for any incumbents in the House?  To not for those in the Senate up for reelection?   To not vote for “either” Republicrat for President? 

We have an election this year in which we can rid ourselves of these two-faced backstabbing posers who are not our representatives in any sense of the word.


Now there is good reason to believe that our elections have been hacked by DieBold voting machines.[2]  So there is reason in those of us politically active coming together & working towards our mutual goals.


In spite of the DieBold voting machines & other obstacles there are plenty of people in this country, both the original Tea Partiers & the Occupiers, who know something must be done.  And virtually everyone is disgusted with their "two" choices. 


I propose a five prong strategy for creating a viral solution;


1]First encourage all politically active Americans to vow not to vote for a Republicrat in 2016.[3]  Someone with more time than myself could perhaps create an email “petition” that would hopefully, eventually, go viral among friends and colleagues.[4]  Here is my quick hack at it:



Rome is NOT burning, ….. …. the entire ____________ planet is! Time to stop fiddling around.  Time to email this to your friends & let them know you’re seriously considering voting for Jill Stein [GREEN] this November rather than Hitler or Stalin.  Please join the sanest pyramid ever conceived & email this to at least ten friends!  Who loves ya!?  Peace Love Flowers

And gethat Stein bumpersticker too. 


 I personally would change the Green's bumper sticker around to say:

STEIN because voting for Hitler or Stalin isn't voting for the lesser of two evils,

it's voting for the same ______ thing!


Probably needs some work.  You libertarians can work on your own and please do. 


2]Just as important is that Americans persuade & demand their state representatives to bring back paper ballots.  Anyone who is familiar with Stephen Spoonamores’ testimony realizes the DieBold is a traitorous & treasonous entity.  Encourage Americans to sign another “petition” vowing to not vote for any state representative who has not done what is needed to bring back paper ballots by the 2016 election. 


       3]Demand that those very same paper ballots have for every electable office a _________.  This way we can write in whomever we want. 

I personally am voting for the individual & to be honest, I truly believe randomly writing in virtually anyone would give us better representatives than re-electing the majority of Demlicans for office. 


In my opinion, the wealthiest 0.00001, the billionaires who own the media, the energy conglomerates, BigPharma, BigAgra, also own 95%+ of the sellouts & suck ups who are supposedly our representatives in the House & the Senate.[5]   It’s not the top 1%, it’s the wealthiest 0.000000 whatever percent it takes to be a billionaire, who are our common enemy.  This is what Tea Partiers & the Occupiers need to understand & their puppets need to go.[6]


4]Jesse Ventura has proposed that rather than a ____________ where we can write someone in,  there be a no.  So say you have Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton, as two “different” choices in November 2016.  I for one would definitely vote NO if I could not  write in someone else.


5]Encourage vets and other other takers to run for office.  …..and guard our election by having an exit poll manned by themselves.

[1]  …& originally the members of the Senate were elected by the state legislatures who could be recalled by those assemblies at their will.  Until the 17th amendment to the Constitution.

[2] Please see the testimony of Stephen Spoonamore, an expert on cyper security. 

[3] [or ever again for that matter]. 

[4] I highly recommend avoiding petition sites in this day and age for various reasons.

[5] & to a lesser degree in our state legislatures.  

[6] What truly saddens me, is how I see from emails & FakeBook posts how politically active Americans have been divided, divided into thinking that either the Tea Partiers are all racist pigs or the Occupiers are all flaming Communists.  This is not true at all.  I have gone to both of these assemblies & sure there are nuts in every crowd, but for the most part it’s just working Americans who know there is something wrong with the current state of affairs.


William Frederick Binder

Octavian [August], the 8th of...,

StL, Missouri