ThEggHead Alliance Questionnaire

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ThEggHead Alliance Questionnaire



1 Are six billion people enough? [Y/N][1]

2 Athis point in human history a wise hominid would prefer to

    a] incinerate,

    b] rejuvenate, the worlds remaining forests.

3 What is the status of Borneo?Zaire?Madagascar?

    a] never been better

    b]  going, going, gone.

4 Do you ever feel like they made a mistake and dropped you on the wrong planet? [Y/N]

5 Assuming advanced civilizations exist, what would they think about SAPIENS?

    a] Most noble creatures arent they?

    b] Nasty little ____, eh?

    c] I told you to splice in more brains, but no, NO, "They just  need to

                               use what they got."





Will any of this change? Well, ... ... ... we here at the alliance have decided it must. We are in the process of creatin' the sanest pyramid scam in history. YOU have been chosen to lead thEgghead Alliance to victory. .... Hopefully. ..... .. Anyway, ... ... Please email this questionnaire and website to anyone and everyone you know who is tired of politics as usual. 

If you comprehend the last ten thousand years of your species history, and why we must rid ourselves of both the Democrats and Republicans, please, become an Egghead.

It's not that hard!

Become an Egghead simply by  spamming your friends with this unbelievably enlightening and informative website.  

You are now part of the world's sanest pyramid scam!

Designed to be emailed to free-thinking, rational beings worldwide!

If Bush continues down the same path the situation will obviously deteriorate further both economically and ecologically.  It is important biologists and economists begin to empower obviously simple remedies which no one in DC is advocating.  

Please,  help us by becoming politically active.  It's not that hard!  Simply mail this to your friends, and ....if you know any ....encourage well known activists and scientists to forge realistic independent campaigns in 2006. 


[1]  This questionnaire was written in 1999 when there were ~ six billion humans.