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The disappearing forests are no cause for alarm,

... the greenhouse effect won't do you any harm. 

It's all a big lie.  Yeah, ...they're selling us a big lie. 

Age and a game of supply and demand, 

... we aren't eating up the planet just as fast as we can

It's a big lie, getting bigger all the time,  It's a big lie.

Yeah, the truth is hard to find .... it's all a big lie.  

-Rik Emmett,  The Big Lie





070707  Legend has it before a swan dies, it sings a beautiful farewell.  And in the case of North America's most widespread species of the bird, the legend may be true.  Scientists have found that Tundra Swans, such as these wintering near Chesapeake Bay, utter a plantive "departure song" - a prolonged musical note- just before taking off.  The song is sometimes repeated when one of the birds dies.



"I will play the swan, and die in musik."  -Will Shakespeare, Othello





Can it be there is not enough space for man in this beautiful world, under those immeasurable starry heavens?  Is it possible that man’s heart can harbour, amid such ravishing natural beauty, feelings of hatred, vengeance, or the desire to destroy his fellows?  All the evil in man, one would think, should disappear on contact with Nature, the most spontaneous expression of beauty and goodness.

Count Leo Tolstoy  

   “Dorcas, the last twenty or thirty years I’ve been a worthless, no-good parasite.” 

   Dorcas yawned and nodded, ”Everybody knows that.” 

   “Never mind the flattery.  There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to stop being sensible – a time to stand up and be counted – strike a blow for liberty – smite the wicked.”


   "So quit yawning, the time has come."


      ...Besides, Jubal was tickled at the notion of balking the powers-that-be.  He had more than his share of that streak of anarchy which was the birthright of every American; pitting himself against the planetary government filled him with a sharper zest than he had felt in a generation.

From Stranger in a Strange Land by RA Heinlein
Hey man
Wake up

I see the power
Changin' hands
Risin' from the streets
A self-made businessman
Knows why the system must be beat

Lost on the racetrack?
Know not where you go?
The road to destruction
Is all we seem to know

'Cause it's a rip-off
Been stepped on and cheated
Been stone cold lied to
We're not defeated.

Dream another dream
'cause this dream is over
Dream another dream
This dream is over
Dream another dream
This dream is over
So dream another dream!

The Dream is Over from For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge by
Van "I want my Mozart K550 Electric Guitar Cover NOW!"  Halen
I can see that you got fire in your eyes
...and pain inside your heart
So many things have come...
and torn our world apart
Just don't give up
Don't give up!
Now I believe in fate and destination
but so much of that lies in our own hands
When ya figure out what you want
Just go on out and get it!
Just don't give up
Don''t give up!
You want love?
Give alittle
If you want faith
Just believe a little
You want peace?
Turn that cheek a little
You gotta give
to live
It's so much easier
to push instead of pull
Just don't give up
Don''t give up!
Sammy Hagar Give to Live
Days grow shorter
Nights are gettin long
Feels like we're runnin outta time
Every day it's seems harder tellin right from wrong
You gotta read between the lines
Keep up your spirit
Keep up your strength
I am countin on you
You knowhat you gotta do
The good booksay it's better to give than to receive
I do my best to do my part.
Nothing in my pockets
Nothing up my sleeve
I keep my majik in my heart
Nothing is easy, nothing good is free
But I can tell you where to start
Take a look inside your heart
There's an answer in your heart
FIgthe Good Fight by Triumph on AlliedForces
The sweet smell of a great sorrow lies over the land .... plumes of smoke rise .... and merge into the leaden sky .... a man lies and  dreams of green fields and rivers ... and wakes to a morning with no reason for waking ....he's haunted by the memory of a lost paradise .... in his youth or a dream .... he can't be precise ... he's chained forever ... to a world that's departed ....
one world .... one soul .... time pass .... river roll .....
he talks to the river ... of lost love and dedication .... silent replies .... swirled invitations .... flow dark and troubled  ... to an oily sea .... a grave vision ... of what is to be .....
from SORROW by Pink Floyd  on A Momentary Lapse of Reason