Orca? Sapiens?

Unter[see]menschen | Orca? Sapiens?

Orca?[1]  Sapiens?

Let my people go!




    I have swum in the open ocean with countless dolphins, porpoises and pilot whales for close to twenty years.[2] Often, ... when coming out of the water, people have asked me,  “Aren’t you at all concerned about being mauled or killed?”, those pilot whales being impressive, even if they aren’t quite Orcas.  I have to answer,  “Are you serious?  I grew up in Detroit."  … …The truth is I feel infinitely safer surrounded by those people than my own.[3]    



    “Never trust nobody on two legs  … … ‘less they got feathers.”


     I’m glad that Orca took the life of that trainer at Sea World.  I’ll say it.  I wish it had been myself.[4]  I am openly and honestly relieved. Perhaps this incident will wake up our own species to how sick the crime is of incarcerating cetaceans [whales and dolphins] against their will, of forcing them to replicate unbelievably braindead and repetitive tasks over and over again, …  day after day, …year after year.    Maybe this will clue some of you in to how cruel it is to keep something as magnificent as an “Orca” in captivity.                 

     I’d like to know what his crime was.[5]  How big a drop of water was he forced to live in and for how many years?  How many days?                     

     What were the circumstances surrounding his capture?  Was his family slaughtered when he was a child in order to take him into captivity?   The _____ do that ya know; slaughter an entire pod [family] in order to enslave a few young ones at Sea World for the rest of their lives.                         

     What kind of numbing schedule was this person, -and yeah I view that awe-inspiring, sentient Orca as a living, breathing, not quite human being, who has all the rights and privileges of you racist humans, who think you’re the pinnacle of God’s creation, - what kind of routine was he subjected to on a day to day basis?  How long?                    

       ... ... ...                 


     When I get back to Virginia Beach, where I lived for close to twentyears, one of the first things I’ll do is head down to 89th street, where the James river empties out into the Atlantic and I’ll scamper down to the ocean if I see any of those unter[see]menschen frolicking in the water.    I’ll dive right in with them, swimming with joy, hearing their clicks and whistles, feeling them come right up next to me, … knowing I’m a ____ of a lot safer with these people than I so often am with my own rancid species.  


    And God repented that he ever made man…..  and well he might.  Well he might.  Well he might when you watch the timelapse of the last thousand or ten thousand years and realize that we are Sons of Cain: a genocidal race of mentally-challenged apes who leave nothing but jellyfish, plastic and radioactivity in our wake.                                

      What was his daily routine like?   How numbingly monotonous?   



          Sea World could become a constructive force one day, if they were to free all their current inmates and then establish a quick-response force designed to rescue stranded cetaceans.  Instead of forcing these people to do mind-numbing tricks, they could allow anyone who wants to sign a waver [or whatever it is called] to then swim with the formerly stranded "animals".   For myself, it’s an experience beyond words to swim with these most playful people.


Will Binder 100225 USoA 

[1] The name Orcinus orca comes to us from the Romans who referred to them as this, meaning, "Demon from hell".

[2] For those of you not in the know, pilot whales are essentially a slightly smaller version of Orcas.

[3] Those of you who have spent some time in Detroit or anywhere else somewhat similar, probably understand that statement more than most.

[4] Whom the Orca had killed, not who killed the trainer. This was written within a half hour after I had heard a "trainer" had their life taken by an "Orca" in February of 2010.

[5] Other than being an Orca.

























Which is the Orca?