Over 60% of the American people don't believe the official "conspiracy" theory

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* What's disturbing is so many of these links have been taken down by uTube, yet anything to do with sleazier videos are not touched.  More recent links can be found here,   https://eggheadalliance.tripod.com/fullspectrum/121212.html 




1] Why is this building falling so quickly?  Straight down?

Physicist damns official conspiracy theory   

The most damning visual evidence I could find.


2]Why do so many military officials question the official conspiracy theory?  Major General Stubblebine “they didn’t fall down because airplanes hit ‘em, they fell down because of explosives, a demolition.”    


3]Why do over eight hundred architects question the official conspiracy theory?

Architect offers scientific evidence shredding the official conspiracy theory.  

Can you honestly answer me how all three of these buildings can go STRAIGHT DOWN AT CLOSE TO FREE FALL SPEEDS without help? Watch the entire presentation if you have time.


4]Why were so many put options put down airline stocks preceding the attacks of 2001?


5]Why are these people telling me this building has collapsed when it is still standing in the background?  


6]Why do so many individuals with deep knowledge of science question the official conspiracy theory? 


7]Why do we need an Orwellian doublespeak “patriot” act,  when the border is more or less wide open?  


8] Why do some powerful and well-connected people speak of their own foreknowledge?  Aaron Russo speaks about his foreknowledge of “an event”  he says America’s leaders had planned


9] Why do so many first responders question the official conspiracy theory? 

First Responders comments on 911  

“I know 911 was an inside job, the police know it was an inside job, and the firemen know it too.”


10] Why do independent journalists speak of media complicity?  Independent  journalist  gives his view which is very hard to dispute in everyday Americanese.  I include Mr. Mazza because he summed it up so quickly, if not 100% accurately, and gave me the idea of streamlining something like this.  Don’t ususally like poetry, but he does sum up what happened in 2001. 


  The prosecution at this link is the goal of many Americans who believe the guilty still walk free.  


    A real problem with this topic is there is so much evidence, if you want to open people’s minds to the probability of what truly happened, you had better show them something short and sweet.  Remember people, there’s an incredible amount of misinformation around any topic such as this.  You have to sift through the evidence and come to your own conclusions about what  happened.