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You say you want a REVOLUTION?  ... ...


One must remember that most revolutions, or movements which contribute to positive changes in society, are more often than not fueled by a small percentage of people; time and again throughout history less than 5% of a population were responsible for these breaks with the past.  Please listen to this short 5 minute link, where John Perkins discusses how few actually participated in the 1st American Revolution & the proper attitude one must have. If you have time, I advise listening to the whole thing. [1]

It’s a simple fact that a good part of the country [world!] supports either the TeaParty &/or the Occupation, so it saddens me all too many individuals whom I consider unsurpassed sources of information focus consistently on what the degenerate “elite” are up to, rather than on what we the people are scheming. [2]  Forging not merely a “Second American Revolution”, but a revolution of the rational requires us to focus on solutions.


Anyway, … to get to the point, … it’s imperative we remain constructive, optimistic, & downright jovial, all in spite of the psychotic degenerates at the helm.  Please listen to that link with John Perkins above!

So, with half the country still voting for the Obama/Romney ticket, & the other half watching football, how, …you may ask, do we create a chain-reaction in awareness?

 Well, I would recommend we focus on 911.  I consider 911 to be the great chink in the armor of the degenerates at the helm.   This short link has a former military air-traffic controller stating the obvious.  It is so unbelievably blatant when you watch THREE buildings falling at close to freefall speeds on that fateful day that neither jet fuel, nor termites were the cause.  Particularly when one listens to Richard Gage’s Blueprint for Truth.  So getting every American to watch Richard Gage’s Blueprint for Truth is the first solution I would like to offer.  How to do so?  Well, … the usual enticement. 

1]I offer all friends & family a buffalo [a one ounce gold coin] to anyone who can give a scientific hypothesis which not only refutes Gage’s but fits all the evidence more accurately.  That coin is a tremendous incentive for people to watch Blueprint for Truth.  You can set up a laptop with the uTube link in the local VFW, ….. [preferably by the bar where most of them tend to congregate].   I personally advocate going down to the local VFW[4], firehouse or police station & giving the spiel I do. 

“The media of this country is no more American than China’s.  It’s owned by six men & they’re guilty of treason for having lied to us for all too long.  I can tell you I know this from personal experience having worked within political campaigns.  I’d love to hear a theory which shreds Gage’s, … but the fact is I seriously doubt anyone will be able to do so. 

With the combined testimony of the likes of

architects such as Les Young,

Major General Stubblebine,

Lt Col. Bob Bowman,

General Wesley Clark,

chemists such as Niels Harrit,

fire protection engineers, such as Scott Granger

metallurgists such as Kathy McGrade, & countless others

… I am led to conclude that those handful of men who own the antiquated media[5] in America have hidden the truth …. … from those still ignorant to trust them. 

So please don’t ask me, “How can they have kept it a secret?” because those of us who haven’t relied on them for years have known something was afoul within a month of the attacks.[6]  Today a good third of the country, if not half, do not believe the official conspiracy theory.   But don’t listen to me.  I‘m no architect, nor engineer, nor interceptor pilot, nor airline pilot, but the above people are, ….  listen to them.

      Anyway, … that’s my spiel.  I’ll be glad to give an ounce of gold to anyone who can give me an alternative hypothesis, which is more accurate than Richard Gage’s because his analysis is methodical & he’s got some heavy hitters with correlating data & testimony. 

      I, personally, try to persuade the veterans of this country to listen to these testimonies, but it’s virtually impossible to create a chain-reaction in consciousness without a wider audience. Envision a million of your listeners who have sheriffs, police, firefighters & of course, vets as family & friends, offering a one ounce buffalo [or whatever they can afford] to entice them to listen to these testimonies.  To enlighten them.  To be the catalyst.  

         It’s personal. My own family has ties to the military.  My uncle was a Colonel in the Marines, & his son, my cousin, was in the first rounds of the Gulf Wars. He came back & began losing his vision in ’92, then was diagnosed with a tumor on his optic nerve in ’94.  We buried him in ’08.  A long slow, blind death.  I cannot put into words the hatred I have for the … “people” who conceived of 911 in order to make a play for world hegemony,   it’s impossible to describe what is to be done to these “people”.  Also, one of the best people I know, one of my best friends is retired Army.  He did a tour in Iraq & a tour in Afghanistan.  The idea of him getting sick from DU ……. causes me to seethe.

         2] In any event, I pray we get far enough where we can then move on to stage two which is creating a movement, not a party, around awakened veterans & other oath takers[7]    If you’ve been paying attention, then you realize DieBold has essentially hacked the vote with their electronic voting machines.  Please see Stephen Spoonamoore’s testimonies.  “This is a fascist /[Bolshevik] issue.” DieBold electronic voting machines are stealing our elections & are treasonous.  People need to understand that exit polls have been consistently accurate in the past.  Very important to understand this & realize how to counter it. 

        I would recommend encouraging the oath takers to man the exit polls outside elections from now on, & at the same time demand every state change the ballot laws.

Reinstitute paper ballots.  Any state legislator who does not vote to reinstitute paper ballots will be targeted for termination.  Not literally, but as far as the office they hold. 

ALSO, … just as important, for every office open to a vote, a __________ must be available for write-in candidates.  It must be made very clear to state legislators that we are attempting to create a peaceful revolution & do so hope they are with us.   WE must be able to write in whomever we want.  I should have been able to write in Ron Paul for President as should everyone else the last election.  The people of Texas should be able to write in Willy Nelson for their next State Senator, as should the people of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura.  Anybody,  anybody but these treacherous, diseased  ____________!. 

I do not agree with those who say we should not vote.  I believe the people of this country were given a constitutional republic & have [had] the ability to initiate a peaceful revolution every two years.[8]  The key is educating people so they stop voting for either Hitler or Stalin.  To get them to understand there really isn’t any difference between the two.  They both have mustaches & if you make fun of that mustache you’ll end up disappearing into a work camp.   If you want to vote for someone who is still worth the salt in their blood, like Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Baldwin, Gravel, McKinney, Stein, Johnson, whomever, you should have the ability to write them in, … there should always be a blank spot.   

            3]Which brings us to stage three,   Having an oath taker run more or less for every office as an independent & encourage Americans to take a vow to never vote for the Republicrat ticket again.  You want to vote for Kucinich, Paul, Gravel, fine, but write them in.[9]

           4]Those guilty of treason [& counterfeiting] need to be put on trial & executed.[10]  This is one of the reasons I highly recommend Max Keiser since he has advocated this solution for quite some time, & he’s been focusing on those who are guilty simply of financial crimes.  Which of course, are again enabled by those handful of “men” who own & operate the Ministry of Truth. 

Again, those behind & in on 911 need to be tried & executed.  Those who chair & sit on the board of the major media corporations should be the first to be indicted, along with Larry Silverstein.  They have systematically covered up what professionals are saying.  They have dared to brand & smear, intelligent, eloquent & true blue American architects, engineers, airline pilots, interceptor pilots, military officials as well as others with impressive credentials as kooks, crazies, nutcases, conspiracy theorists, what have you.  They’re guilty of treason, of crimes against all life. 

In any event, having been trying to create a sane civilization for over two decades now, I realize this isn’t the easiest task.  Creating sanity.  Technically we belong to a race of mentally challenged apes, who consistently mangle their best & brightest.[11] But perhaps, more truthfully, our leaders aren’t the sharpestools in the shed. So let’s be the catalyst that rids us of the current fascist/Bolshevik slime.  They are after all a bipedal disease which our world needs to be healed of.  Then we can move on to stage five…….

5] Abandonment of all oversea military bases worldwide until our own nation’s economic situation is in order.

6]Slash & burn the Soviet-style surveillance state guilty of incinerating the spirit of the Bill of Rights, of giving the Feds Hitler & Stalin-like powers, and of those who had the nerve of calling this “patriotic”.  

         7] Then, hopefully, God willing, we can begin rebuilding this nation around sane sources of energy.  Which I, & many like-minded eggheads, have been trying to do for over two decades. A mosaic of energy sources is obviously needed to replace the entrenched & obsolete fossil fuel industries, as well as to construct a civilization that doesn’t end up dying in it’s own waste.   Today, it’s fairly obvious wind turbines coupled with biomass [HEMP!] & SolaRoofing are more likely than not, the way America should head, especially when one looks at the a nation which is following this path in earnest. From what we can see in Germany, we can deduce it also creates prosperity & economic growth.

Unfortunately, America is not pursuing alternative [sane] energy sources for the same reason our leaders press on with their genocidal wars for fossil fuels. 

Is it really that hard if we can rid ourselves of people who suffer from the same psychoses as Leonard Lake & Charles Ng? 

Who loves ya?

William Binder

Sparta, Illinois, USoA



Fantastic John Perkins interview distilled to it’s essence


American Association for the Advancement of Science


Reducing atmospheric carbon, creating an infrastructure of sane sources of energy & stimulating an economy all in one swoop


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Erich Maximillian Hedrick, Air Traffic Controller’s 911 testimony


uncut Erich Maximillian Headrick interview


Short ten minute version of Blueprint for Truth


Les Young ae911 Experts Speak Out [ESO]


Major General Albert Stubblebine’s testimony on 911


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General Wesley Clark’s testimony on 911 policy coup


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Depleted Uranium 101   Beautiful short for those who have never heard of depleted uranium’s history.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xzzLspNw1M

Stephen Spoonamoore’s gives convincing evidence that the owners & operators of DieBold are guilty of treason.


Short Stephen Spoonamoore on the need for paper ballots


[1] John Landsman, Mike Adams, John Perkins,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uc1tREsZMW8

[2] Gerald Celente,  Michael Hudson, Max Keiser, Paul Craig Roberts, Alex Jones, & Jeff Rense are those I scour the net for when waking up to see what is happening economically & politically. 

[3] Rense, Jones, Celente, Keiser, Margolis & Roberts together have who knows how many millions in their respective audiences. 

[4] Or local law enforcement or fire department if you are close to these people.  The chain reaction should begin with the military & the police. 

[5] I wish people wouldn’t refer to the media as the “whorporate media” or the “presstitutes”.  I am reminded of James Traficant, being interviewed after calling Congress a nest of whores, and asked if he really meant it.  He replied,  “ No, of course not … and I’d like to apologize to the hookers of America for insinuating  they’re anywhere near as nasty as those ________.”

[6] I used to read the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, & the Christian Science Monitor religiously every morning upon waking.  I would like to thank Jeff Rense for his site www.sightings.com way back when I first got onto the net in the 90s.  I haven’t opened any of these mouthpieces of the Ministry of Truth since the attacks.  That’s one thing that changed for me, I stopped reading them before the invasion of Afghanistan. 

[7] An oath taker is essentially someone who has taken an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies, especially those domestic _____________.  Sheriffs, office holders & military for the most part, but I encourage anyone who wants to, to do so. 

[8] If it’s any consolation Mr Celente,  I agree with you on virtually everything else. 

[9] Or use [a] stamp[s] if you can get some at every polling station.

[10] Or at the very least, they need to run for their lives. 

[11] Socrates, Christ, Bruno, Galileo, Tesla, … hell Mozart couldn’t even get paid to write musik.