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It is completely unacceptable for any rational being inhabiting our homeworld to not act constructively to lessen the coming climate shift.

For years many of us have been actively prodding those who create policy to begin making renovations which will bring our species' civilization in harmony with the biosphere. Unfortunately, ... as all too many of us know, ... our leaders aren'the sharpestools in the shed. The American Congress has subsidized fossil fuels for decades while throwing pennies at renewables.

In any event, in order to reverse the course our leaders have chosen, and begin cooling the planet [by balancing the carbon cycle] WE, AS A SPECIES, must

1]Protect all existing carbon sinks we feasibly can. [pristine forests, etc.]

2]Create carbon sinks as quickly as is conceivable [planting trees which lock in carbon quickly] and encourage our civilization to create products which revolve around them [furniture, houses, etc.] Locking in as much carbon as quickly as we can in everyway possible will keep future warming at a minimum.

3]Limit carbon emissions as much as possible. [Fuel-efficiency, wind/mine turbines, solar roofing, solar stoves, biomass fuels etc.]

It isn't much more complex than that.

It is completely and totally unacceptable to not take action to confronthis menace.  We demand our leaders take action now to minimize any future warming.  



Please, forward this to anyone and everyone who comprehends until it reaches biologists of such status they can edit its content and make it more palatable.


The below is a more serious efforto balance the biosphere's carbon cycle, but it may be a bitoo radical, extremist, logical ..... for your average petition ...If you have that Berkeley streak still in you .....

We embrace the idea of a crash program, similar to many peoples during the Second World War. Then, whole nations were turned to the task of developing weapons to obliterate one another as quickly as possible; [everyone channeling] funneling every last resource into theirespective war machines.

The current world economy does not have to adjusthis as quickly [nor totally] towards the coming global climate shift. Yet we demand our governments save every lastrand of pristine forest worldwide, encourage the planting of as many trees possible [lock in as much carbon], promote fuel-efficiency from everything from vehicles to lighting, and create economies which manufacture large number of carbon sinks [furniture, housing etc.]

The reefs of our world may make it if we are willing to change immediately and everyone who hasigned this believe we are. Our whole species planting trees and "fixing carbon", composting, planting a few trees which will absorb so many tons of carbon, driving far more fuel-efficient, biomass powered vehicles and most of all making SolaRoofing, wind, geothermal, tech tax-free.  This is the world we envision.

We demand an efforto balance the carbon cycle. Will the reefs make it? Who knows if we dont make theffort?