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Please email this to the life-long Republican in your life still in denial


    It’s 2004, ….Halloween is in the air …. and I don’t’ know about you, but the notion of either Bush or Kerry winning…. leaves me nauseous.

    I thought the race …of 2000 was bad. 

    [“I thought they smelled bad  …on the outside.”]

    Back then, …as October dragged on …I wanted Gore to pull it off, because if there ever was a ecologically knowledgeable Senator groomed for the Presidency   ...it was Al Gore.  Still…. the idea of drafting Clint Eastwood did have its allure.

    But Clint was busy, and Al didn’t go all the way with the NRA.  He lost Tennessee.  A lot of people voted for … was it Pat Buchanan on those butterfly ballots?  And he didn’t campaign on what America really needed when you get right down to it.   He deserved to lose.   

    So, of course, I ended up voting for the best candidate from my perspective: Ralph!!!  Still, …I would have preferred Gore far more than Bush. He would have given more than just lip service to the issue which concerns me most: “ecological reality”.

    [“The Bush Presidency …. God,  how you mock me!”]

    Anyway, this year I will vote for Ralph Nader yet again.  Now please, …don’t think I’m a lefty.  Please, please, please!  Supporting Ralphie has nothing to do with being a left-wing nut.  Although it does help, …cause you are gonna be on the bandwagon with enough of ‘em.  I’m simply trying to create more  “greens” like myself with this email.  Scientifically minded, most abhor politics and the illogic of it all.   And let me tell ya, the next person I hear say corporate …

    Anyway, …all you life-long Republicans need to read some of these links.  Especially Nader on the economy.  He’ll take everyone off the tax rolls who doesn’t make 50,000 a year.   Now that’s a tax cut!  Please remember,  …25% of the people who voted for Ralph in 2000 were registered Republicans.   Probably the only ones who actually read what a President Nader would do, as well as what Bush is doing.

    You have to rise above seeing politics in patterns of left and right, conservative and liberal.  This year especially.   For as Pat Buchanan has said, there is no conservative party.  This year we can see plainly, the concept of left and right, conservative and liberal, black and white is way too simplistic.   Politics, essentially boils down to what issue matters to you the most.


    One of the best examples in American politics of this, is the large constituency who will never vote for someone who wants to tamper with the[ir] amendment on firearms.  Thomas Jefferson himself said,  The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep & bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” and I have the feeling that if ol’ Tom and his friends were still around, they would be stocking up on ammo with the ‘patriot’ act raising its Orwellian head.  In any event, the “NRA vote” is perhaps the most obvious example of how politics is issue oriented, rather than right/left.  Am I conservative because I believe everyone has the right to carry firearms?  No. 

    I support the right to bear arms, yet the issue I vote on is “ecological reality”.  That’s the reason I will vote for Ralph.   Does the fact I am as green as they come make me liberal?  No. 

    I just know more biology at this point in spacetime than 99.999% of the hominids desecrating their world.  And that’s the main reason I’m voting for Ralph Nader.

    The thing is, …when you get down to it, …I can’t vote for Bush/Kerry2004! on issue after issue.

    Iraq?  Single biggest issue of 2004.   Ralph wants to bail as soon as we can.  His plan is what 90% of our troops want and 95% of the Iraqis want.


 Announce an Exit Strategy for Iraq With a Definite Date of WithdrawalThe only way to reduce the escalating violence in Iraq is to announce a withdrawal, so mainstream Iraqi's know they will be getting their country back. US withdrawal should be preceded by internationally-supervised elections.


    Now, this is EXACTLY what one of my sources of military insight says! Can’t vote for Bush/Kerry2004! on the ol’ Iraq occupation.   If Ralph is a lefty, why do our troops in Iraq want what he is proposing: to come home as soon as possible?

    Who would have thought that the Pat Buchanans of this world and all those pinkos in NYC, livid in their hatred of Bush last month, might actually agree on American foreign policy one day?  Buchanan isn’t just talking about leaving Iraq either; he is proposing we bring all our troops back home worldwide.  And even though I vote green, I definitely agree it’s a fine idea to empower.

   Next important issue: At ~ six hundred billion a year, this year’s annual account deficit  …what can you say?

    Is it the conservative in me who is enraged at the idea of spending hundreds of billions of dollars on an illegal war in a vain attempt to take control of the world’s petroleum or is it the left-wing nut?  Is it the right-wing cheapskate in me who usually likes tax cuts, but the liberal who sees all too much red when one fourth of Bush’s lobotomized version goes to the wealthiest one percent of Americans?  No.

    [“You got a problem with my cookbook?”]

      It’s just common sense.  You don’t give a huge tax cut to the wealthiest five percent of Americans to jump-start the economy out of a recession.  I despise Bush for the illogic of it all.   And Kerry for that matter as well.  John Kerry, you do not represent deep change in eradicating corruption from the Federal budget. 

    Anyway, …this half trillion-dollar annual account deficit is yet another great reason to vote for Ralph.   Bush/Kerry2004! is not the answer.  President Nader would take everyone making less than $50,000 a year off the income tax rolls if he could get Congress to go along with it.  Now that’s a tax break and what is needed to get the economy up and running.   

    I am a conservative for wanting to cut taxes for everyone making less than 50K/yr, right?  I was raised to think so, but maybe I’m a socialist now because I agree with Ralph on the need to balance the budget on the bank accounts of those people worth billions of dollars to offset those cuts for the working class.    But wait, … I yearn for a budget surplus [to strengthen the dollar] and yet want tax cuts to jump start the economy .  That’s conservative isn’t it?   

    Let this be the email heard round the world.  Ralph Nader is the conservative choice for all of you life-long Republicans out there as far as tax-cuts and fiscal responsibility!

    [“… …Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit smoking….”]

    Anyway, politics is a spectrum.  It’s not right and left, black and white.  I consider myself “green”, but I grew up in the most conservative part of Michigan there is and still retain many of those values.  Then when I went to college I was thrown into the closest clone of Berkeley [very liberal, activist oriented] ever to have sprouted in Michigan.  So over the years … I have certainly seen ‘both sides”.


    It’s 2004,    October.  Let’s see what we can get  “both sides” to agree on. 

   These days many of you people who consider yourselves “conservatives and liberals” agree on leaving Iraq and the sooner the better.  You just didn’t know it.

    Only Ralph has a rapid withdrawal plan.  In fact, people who consider themselves conservative, like Pat Buchanan and Charley Reese say we need to bring all our troops back home.  But wait,  … don’t a lot of liberals agree with that too?  Didn’t they want that peace dividend that was supposed to come after the Wall fell?  The taxes of ours we wanted spent on fiscal responsibility, ...until somebody cooked up this new improved mission for our military? 

    Well, the mission looks pretty _____ stupid at this point in spacetime, so I think we should go back to our pre-WWII “conservative” roots and just abandon these moronic bases we’ve built from one end of the earth to the other.    Many a “liberal and conservative” longs for bringing the troops back home.  Let’s face it people …. at the very least …. thanks to Bush and his corrupt friends and their braindead tax cuts … we can’t afford not to.


    As far as economics, “conservatives and liberals” are both incensed over an ~ half trillion annual account deficit.  Wouldn’t most of you “liberals and conservatives” like to cut taxes… at least for the working class?  Is there not agreement that tax cuts for the working class are a great way to jump-start the economy?  Don’t most “liberals and conservatives” agree this budget deficit is outrageous? 

    Well, Ralph would like to see no one who makes less than 50K/yr pay income taxes and he’ll balance the budget on the backs/bank accounts of those who have walked away with hundreds of billions over the last few years.   

    Who’s the conservative candidate?  Bush or Nader?


    Right there…. this lobotomized foreign policy and monstrous budget deficit are enough to condemn Bush …..and Kerry. 

     And  they’re lucky, ‘cause this article is already too long so I better start the credits rolling….. 


    I have to ask you John and George, why not cut taxes for the working people? You’re lucky most people don’t know how President Nader would cut their own taxes if he ever got a shot.  [Not shot.]  

    You’re lucky most Americans have no idea 90%+ of our troops want to come home yesterday.  It’s getting better though, temperature doesn’t break a hundred every day.

    [“Yeah man, but it’s a dry heat.”]

    You don’t have an exit strategy on leaving Iraq.

    [“I guess we’re not going to be leaving now, right?”]

    Why aren’t you courting the military vote that wants out and views the whole war as a disaster?

    [“Why don’t you put her in charge?’]

    You support the ‘patriot act’ which offends not the conservative or the liberal or even the Libertarian in me, but the AMERICAN. 

    The thought of you two sickens me.  Neither of you represent what the good people of this country want.

    Writing this article reminded how truly awful Bush’s presidency has been over the last four years.  Yet, you John Kerry are not much better. 


     I’m mad at you too, Ralph.  You’re not getting off the hook. 

    If you had run with Bruce Willis ….you woulda had the race locked up a couple a days after you announced it .


    Vote for someone you agree with.  

    Read.  Think.  Revolt. 

    Try looking at an issue from every angle and coming to the solution which has the most common sense.  


The original title for this, Full Spectrum Politik, came to me because I think of myself as green and of course, in the old country, they tend to think of politics as Red, Yellow, Black, Pinko, etc.   Wouldn’t it be great if we had more than one party here in America!


I’d also  like to pay homage to a book I haven’t read,  but eventually will, and which has a similar title.  It’s from a man I have a link to on my website, Stan Goff, and there isn’t much I haven’t read by him I don’t agree with.  In fact, when I first read the article immediately above …I came to the conclusion it was the best link on the web on the whole war.



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