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Too bad most of us won’t get what we really want for Christmas this year, ….

Will we ever get smart? …..


071213 Thor

Yesterday I read two articles, one by Sherry Wolf arguing against Ron Paul's worth, and the other by Joshua Frank  who thinks Ron's our best shot of ending the wars.  

Personally,  ... I think we need to try and bring as many people together as soon as we can.   Do you realize how much we agree on?   Anyway, ... ... here's my attempt to create a little harmony, .... peace, ....





Gotta admit, even though I support Ron Paul , he’s got holes in his philosophy.  Especially after those of us who despise limitless greed are done strafing him.   Still, … … who else do we have with a shot at a somewhat sane leader?  Who else are we gonna get behind and start marching with?  I am with Ron and have been all year.  Still,  ... ... we need to openly debate the man about some serious holes ….in the ol’ Weltanschauung.$



First up, for almost one hundred years the Constitution guaranteed a free market in Afrikan-American children.  It also allowed for the extermination of ~90-95% of the original inhabitants of the 48.   SO, ... if you want to get technical about it, being the kind of person who likes listening to Malcolm X  on uTube for inspiration,  ....   I believe Affirmative Action should not be touched athis point in spacetime.  It's something people who struggled for liberty died for. 




On abortion, I would like to change the structure of the debate and focus on what really needs to be done. 

It's about ridding our world of infanticide.  There's a huge pile of babies being thrown away each and every day because all woman do not have access to contraception.  Not good.  I try to reach out because I know that if the Pope starts to hand out condoms in a truly righteous kind of way, him and Hugo could create a Latin American.....  imagine.


ASIDE I loved it when President Chavez was defeated.  Not because I dislike him.  Au contraire.  Because I was beginning to worry about the corrosive nature of power and its effect on him.  I love him now.  More than ever. 

His “defeat” showed he was not George Bush.  It showed he respected the will of his people.  It showed he is worthy of support and needs to start wearing green and not just become the Robin Hood of the Americas, but the protector of the local rights of “Indians” who wish to preserve their forests from roads and loggers.  ... ... ... But I digress. 


In order to create an ecologically sane and prosperous vision of Latin America, or anywhere else for that matter, many an ecologist and economist would argue that the first priority should be Zero Population Growth.  Abortion isn’t the issue.  The focus should be on preventative contraception.  The reason the slums of Latin America are riddled with children and the ..... grinding poverty associated withem is simply every woman in South America does not have access to preventive contraception. I don’t care what you say Ron, I want to ensure every woman on this planet has the ability to choose when she becomes pregnant and our own government should throw a billion dollars at it whether the Constituion says the Feds can or not.  





I have a dream. 


We have a dream.

See The Gunner’s Dream The Final Cut Pink Floyd.  

GreaTune.  Says it all#


Anyway ....



#3 on tweaking [President] Ron Paul’s vision is ….

If you want to turn back that clock President Paul how 'bout enforcing John Marshall's decision and the Fort Laramie Treaty?  I say if you're thinking of selling Federal property the land should be given to the "Injuns" simply for the slogan, "The only good Indian is a dead Indian."

Think about it people, the wholesale genocide of the "Injuns" was a national slogan


Anyway,  … to get to the point, … if there is any.  We all have our priorities don’t we?  And happy are the peacemakers … God will call them his children.

We all try to build peace in our own way don’t we?  I have a blend of Carl Sagan, Diane Fossey, Cynthia Moss and … I guess Ron Paul. 


My first priorities are ending the wholesale destruction of our Mother’s forests, halting the relentless growth in the number of humans to feed, and the creation of a mosaic of sane energy sources. 

But 95% of the rest of the American electorate have strickingly different worries than my own ecologist's perspective.  Halting the war, balancing the budget to save the dollar and the American people’s way of life, … those are basically  at the top of many if not most Americans' Chrstmas lists.  And Ron Paul is the best shot I know of achieving those aspirations. 

And they are damn good priorities.  Easily in the top ten of my own  Christmas list.


 We need Senators and Representatives who represent the will of the people.  We don’t need no stickin’ lawyers.  We need good people,  with a pinch of common sense and a touch of eloquence to go to DC and hopefully repair our ship.  We don’t have to agree on everything. 

And here's the problem Sherry, if you were to read me your Christmas list, your policy course corrections once your dream candidate were in office, ... would I begin to laugh in a matter of seconds? 

I care deeply about the remnant strands of pristine earth, but I can't influence the American people on such a topic. 

They are ______ off about the war,  the Orwellian state, the economic disaster that comes with the 3 trillion dollar debt that "paid" for it.  They're tired of this __________. Your Christmas list isn't going to sound like some of those classic ________, radical, leftist ,revolutionary, college, political parties is it?  The ones where everyone is so _______ dense you figure they all have to be infiltrators. 

Anyway, ....



Ron Paul is the closest we have of creating a sane world.  I realize his faith in the market is flawed. 

Who do you have [d]electable who is better, Sherry?  This is too long already, ... just  mailing this out to a few outhere who have a little empathy, who can grok the cosmos, who understand the indivisible oneness of the trinity TT ….. but … I digress.




We all want many of the same things for Christmas don’t we?  And I for one am personally going to try and make this the last _______ one where I don’t get anything I want but some stupid ________ gadgets!  I haven’t gotten anything I want for the last who knows how many Christmases!  

I would like to compare Christmas lists with y'all and see if we can be in kahutz with one another for Christmas 2008.


1]Numero Uno  All our troops home worldwide as soon as possible.   All those foreign bases can be brought home and we’ll have three more in each state.  Just think not only will those troops be spending their checks at home, there’s probably something constructive they can do other than what Dick and his braindead friends have in mind for us. 



2] I believe anyone making less than 100k should not pay any income tax.



3] I think people who have more than 10M worth of toys have more than enough and those with ludicrous amounts of wealth should be forced to distribute their property among their friends and family if they are not guilt of treason. 

Can’t get Ron in on that one, but I think many an American has no problem raising the top tax-bracket of the wealthiest 1% to 90% til the budget is balanced.  Any Amens? 

As for me  ... Check.


Which brings us to something I have been working on to show you how I feel about Ron sometimes  ….


November, the 29th of…, Thor,

The Problem with Libertarians. 

Just read [President] Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk.  I want him elected President simply because he’s easily the best choice we have. But I have some problems with him and his buddy Lew Rockwell, whom I actually agree with far more often than not.

Y’all are always riding the government, yet forgetting that any human bureaucracy has a tendency to go bad.  Monarchies aren’t the only ______ that degenerates.

Lastime I checked, it was private bureaucracies, energy conglomerates, munitions makers, propaganda/media barons which bribed and deceived Congress into becoming as corrupt as it is, or should I say as corrupt as themselves?

Make no ____ about it, the wealthiest individuals who own many a corporation are the ones who have given us this war and the unfathomable economic catastrophe that comes along with it.

Now I agree with much [President] Ron Paul has to say, but,  … but I think the energy conglomerates of America and the axis they revolve around need more regulation if anything.  So your TexaStraighTalk needed some responding to from myself.  Especially since I want you elected.

Corruption is corruption is corruption.  The problem with Libertarians is they rightly scream about how inept and wasteful government bureaucracies tend to become and then out of the other side of their mouth praise private hierarchies [the free market] as if all of the individuals who own and operate a business will never need to be kept in check for corruption and greed,  ….. just like the ______ government.


The way I see it this war and the economic situation we face today, are a direct result of an insidious ______ by some of the wealthiest individuals in America.  What happened in 2001 was the Pearl Harbor-like event many in this admin had actually been talking about a year earlier.  How convenient. 

Anyway, six years later, here we stand, our people half way across the world as Christmas approaches, and I truly believe the only reason we are over there is because it keeps the price of oil artificially and ludicrously high.  A lot of people in the munitions industry also stand to lose income if we bring them home.   And America’s watchdogs, the “independent” media?   Well, many of them are aligned with known psychopaths who have been screaming for more and wider wars for almost a decade now.


Yeah, the problem with Libertarians,  -and I do think of myself as one in a way, since people should be allowed to do whatever they want as long as it harms no one else-  …or should I say the problem with the Libertarians at Lew Rockwell, is they want to scale back the government, and I am with them on many aspects of that,  ….but they refuse to acknowledge that it’s the people behind the scenes, the five guys who own just about every newspaper, radio and TV station in the country worth a damn, and their buddies in the energy and munitions industries who are the ones who own and operate the government.

There’s a handful of inept and corrupt conglomerates responsible for having given us this sick Orwellian nightmare.  They’ve got most Republicans in one pocket, and most of the Democrats in the other.


How are you going to free America’s markets from them?


[President] Paul, please don’t open up the ANWR.  It’s pristine and the oil underneath it is not needed.  Offshore drilling wouldn’t be so bad if the chief objective was to provide prime offshore fishing structure.  Let me be honest about what markets truly need to be freed. 

What we need is to make all small wind turbines tax-free. 

Yeah, and how ‘bout solar cells while we’re at it.  And anything else built to last for the Third Milleniummmmm.   Off-the-grid tech. That’s what needs to be tax-free. 

 I drive over 400 miles a week.  I spend easily over $2000 a year on gasoline.  Maybe even 3K and let me tell you, what I want, isn’t for the tax on gasoline to be dropped.  No.  Please just end the war, bring the troops home, and it should settle back down to $1.50 like it once was. 

Then give these oilmen their nightmare scenario and make sane technology, Third Millennia technology, off-the-grid techology, tax-free.

Example, SolaRoofing in symbiosis with ElectriCars should easily be the industries which power California down through Arizona New Mexico, Texas and who knows how far to the Northeast.  This is what I want from a President Paul.  

As far as I’m concerned the companies making hand over fist with $3/’gallon gasoline have stifled free-market technologies for so long they can be forever burdened with a tax that is indeed paid mostly by those who can afford it least.  Me and those of us making less than_____

Just bring those kids home, and the price of gas will be back where it should be. 


It can easily be done, but we have one problem,  …. there are some extremely wealthy individuals who have psychological  __________ and they control for the most part much of our government, the media and all too much industry.

They don’t want free markets in electrical vehicles, solar cells, hemp, or anything else for all intensive purposes.

Ever watch the movie Tucker, the Man and his Dream?  It always brings a smile to my face watching the Big Three smush this eccentric inventor in ‘47 because of his innovations and then, thirty years later watch their dinosaur-like mindsets lose to the creativity and innovations of the Japanese.  Tucker wins in the long run.  Even on an island with no natural resources.

There’s only one problem the smile doesn’t last because I know this is the same braindead mindset which has given us this war, this Orwellian state, this economic drag race off the cliff and into the unknown. 


SO if you want to have some real fun deregulating, let’s legalize hemp and build ElectriCars and SolaRoofing here in the states. 

All our paper and packaging should be made from hemp.  Unfortunately, this upsets those currently make money creating plastic and paper with archaic technology.

America could recover quickly from the Bush Era.  An era that became so bad it is when Joe Stalin came to America and passed the Patriot Act.  Which of course is doublespeak for The Soviet-style Surveillance Act.


I like Ron on some issues and Gravel on others.  There’s this ideal blend somewhere between Hugo, Gravel and Ron.  On the border, you and I disagree, Sherry.   I don’t want to expel all illegals.  I just realize that in order to preserve American wages and what’s left of our wilderness the United States needs no more than 300M mouths to feed.  Mexicans and Americans, and eveyone else for that matter, need to achieve the birth rates of the greatest nations of our world.  A 2% birth rate compounded by twenty years interest results in a ___ growth in the population?  You do the math and understand where my logic stems from.

Overreaching our carrying capacity.

Simply put, the biggest reason for the wretched poverty of IndiaPakistan, Syria, the Congo is a 2%+ birthrate.!  ~40% of Arabia’s population is under 14 and this even burdens what should be plenty for all.  Especially when you factor the Meccan tourist attractions into the overall income of the nation.

I hate to say it, but as far as the border, I want it closed because illegals should be legal and America has more than enough people.  More people translate into higher rents and prices and lower wages.

But hammer this home my sister, it was NAFTA that destroyed the Mexicans' way of life.  It was NAFTA that decimated the farmers south of the border in the nineties like our own gov did America’s farmers in the 80s.   NAFTA is what has brought so many people here looking for work.  NAFTA shipped American jobs to Mexico and yet only paid them on average ~60% of what they had been making beforehand. I wish I were more eloquent with economics.  Highly recommend Mike Whitney on economics. 

The leaders of Mexico and the USofA are the enemy.  Wade into them … They’re the ones who schemed to bring us to the situation we are in,  ….millions of Americans who will lose the homes they’ve worked so hard for,  …..millions of Mexicans with nowhere to go but home to an economy almost as bad as America’s. 

I want Americans to think in terms of class, Sherry, just as you do.  To know our enemy.  I also know that if Ron Paul were to speak the truth he would die.  The truth, the whole truth, and nothing else, so help us God will get anyone whacked, babe. 


$ He could easily be our Yeltsin, selling off everything to the crooks who created the disaster in the first place.  

# I recommend listening to it, the video depresses me. My own mental images were far more positive.

TT Who know enough history to celebrate Christmas realizing Jeshua was born into a Hindu-like sect of Hebs who practiced and preached vegetarianism, pacifism, purity of thoughts, meditation, ...possibly yoga, the reports are skethy ....

! India’s is only 1.6%.  But what is 1.6% “interest” on a billion mouths to feed in ten years?  ~170M.  Food, shelter and finally jobs must be found for ~ half the population of the United States if India’s birthrate remains the same in ten years.  Can you see the light?


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