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  I’ve been hoping Nader would come out with a streamlined version of his campaign so those of us who support him can email it to others and hopefully create a chain reaction in consciousness.   He has a great campaign … he just never gets airtime.  I would love for the internet to finally make a real change.  Can we do it with one email?  Gotta try eh.

Anyway, ….I guess he did kinda sorta streamline where he differs from the other “two” campaigns and you can read it intact here.[1]  Personally I think with less than a month to go he needs some help on the circuit


Why Vote for Ralph Nader? [Other than Bush and Kerry.]

Well, …if he has his way then everyone who makes less than 50K/yr will no longer pay income taxes.  This isn’t my own personal reason for voting for him, but I figure since …80% of us would have our taxes cut …. Hey, might as well get it out of the way, eh.

To cover the loss in revenue, he’ll sock it to the 1% who own 40% of this nation.  Yeah the people Bush and Kerry just can’t get around to taxing  … I guess cause they’re buddies and all back at the club.  Anyway, here’s how Ralph said it the other day:

Institute a Fair Tax where Workers' First $50,000 in Income is Not Taxed, where the Wealthiest and Corporations Pay their Share

Sounds good to me.  Once upon a time … I considered myself conservative.  A 600 billion dollar annual account deficit is reason alone to dump Bush and it is there because 200B went to the top 2% and another 200B is going for this sick grab for fossil fuels. Speaking of ….

Announce an Exit Strategy for Iraq With a Definite Date of Withdrawal

Great idea Ralph, I can’t believe you aren’t winning on that one alone.  Why don’t you go over to Iraq, …grab the American troop vote, [since 90%+ of our troops want to come home] and then come back over and nab the “other 50 states”? I love it.  Nobody saw it coming but me and uh …the guy who thought of it: Alexander Cockburn. [2]

Can we create a chain reaction in consciousness in three weeks over the internet? 

What percentage of Americans vote will for Ralphie when they realize 90% of all our troops want to come home now?[3]   Who knows?

I have to ask everyone out there who claims to support our troops, why aren’t you voting for Ralph? I pray it’s because you, like the troops, have no idea they can vote for someone who will bring them home quickly.  Most of you get your information from seven billionaires you can’t name.  They have blacked out Ralph for many a reason and that is the reason for this political leaflet/email. 

 It’s also the reason Ralph needs to go to Iraq.  The troops need to be Ralph’s core. [4] 

The only way to reduce the escalating violence is Iraq is to announce a withdrawal[5] from Iraq, so mainstream Iraqi's know they will be getting their country back.  US withdrawal should be preceded by internationally-supervised elections to replace the puppet government that we have installed. Continued planning of an ongoing presence in Iraq fuels the resistance and prevents the onset of democracy in Iraq. 

Bush is Not Telling the Whole Story on Casualties in Iraq and the Likely Return of the Draft[6]

   Yeah, so you’d better watch out, you’d bet not cry, you’d better vote for Ralph’s cause he’s the only one who doesn’t lie. I mean I don’t want to use scare tactics, but why not? Bush and Kerry do.

  Anyway, you have a choice this November:  Hitler, Stalin, ……and RALPH!!!!!!    I realize Ralph has only been fighting for our rights against the Man for the last thirty years while the other two have been vigilantly protecting the status quo,[7] but I still think I’m gonna pull the lever for Ralphie.  Anyway, here’s Ralph on the draft:

The administration is also not telling Americans about the likely reinstatement of the draft ….yet where are the troops for escalation in Iraq going to come from when already 40% of the troops in Iraq have come from the National Guard and Reserve?  A decisive peace plan for Israel and Palestine is [also] needed.

Civil liberties and due process of law are eroding due to the "war on terrorism" and new technology that allows easy invasion of privacy; repeal of the Patriot Act; an end to secret detentions, arrests without charges, no access to attorneys, and the use of secret "evidence;" military tribunals for civilians; non-combatant status. 

Since Hitler and Stalin…. I mean Bush and Kerry are all for a Orwellian Nightmare state I think I’ll go with my boy Ralph who wants to repeal the ‘patriot act’.

ASIDE: What do the Reichstag fires and 911 have in common?

Face Up to Global Climate Change

Ralph is also the only one who even talks about my own special interest: “ecological reality”.  

It is time to face up to the environmental crisis we are facing. It is time to break our addiction to fossil fuels. We threaten the global environment with our continued use of fossil fuels.

  And mentioning this, these wars for fossil fuels have me in awe from a biological perspective. Did you know if America’s farmers immediately began planting hemp[8] and Americans’ were allowed to buy vehicles which run on hemp[8], we would not only be helping to cool our world, but would invigorate our own economy at the same time?    It all boils down to sending your money overseas for petrol or paying the farmer next door instead.

  There are oh so many ways we can invest in America, but we need to break up the status quo. 

Create More Jobs by Investing in America's Infrastructure and Withdrawing From Trade Agreements that Cost us Jobs

 I wish he would campaign on these issues west of the Mississippi and try to nab some votes in Bush’s base.  Biofuels cannot be emphasized enough![8] If I were Ralph, I would swing through many a state west of the Mississippi and openly court Bush’s base.  Biofuels will invigorate America’s rural communities more than any single commodity.

Anyway, here’s Ralph on changing our priorities so they focus on homegrown industries.

By investing in urgently needed local infrastructure improvements, creating a new renewable energy efficiency policy, fully funding education, and redirecting health expenditures toward preventive health care, we can reverse this trend and create millions of new jobs.

Expand Worker's Rights. Roadblocks to union organizing, including the Taft-Hartley Act, need to be removed. The US should withdraw from trade agreements that undermine worker's rights, environmental protections, and consumer rights by putting corporate profits before national sovereignty.

The Failed Presidency

President Bush has failed the United States.

His economic record is one of record deficits [~ half a trillion a year annual account deficit!]

He has made us less safe at home, turned allies into adversaries, and trapped us in an impeachable, illegal quagmire.

So my question for y’all is: Why AREN’T you voting for Ralph?  I hope it’s because you had no idea what he wants to do. Well, now you do and if most Americans read this before they vote in November….

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