What, me worry? 2008

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Sanity 2008!

October, the 17th of…, Freya,


To whom it may concern,


   There is a high probability of McCain stealing thelection or Obama being able to squeak out a win.

In either event what’s left of the world as we know it is gone.

I’m writing to those of you I go to first thing in the morning for information. 

You tend to be correct more often than not. 

Together you represent a motley crew who think differently and yet  …..


…. across the political spectrum,  every last one of us agrees on one issue.


Whether it’s the Hippies or the Old Right or whatever your personal cup of tea, it’s time to return to or Swiss roots.  Is it not? 

George Washington’s farewell address now resonates within all of those capable of thought.  [In my opinion.]  Whether you’re the “hard left” or “hard right”  you realize the economic imperative of bringing every last one of our troops home and creating a bit of sanity.


Those of you capable of thought must forget any differences and do all in your power to create a three-way race.[1]


    Look athe more intellectually oriented individuals among us,


Ralph Nader, Jeff St. Clair, John Pilger, Robert Fisk, the Cockburns, Cynthia McKinney, Glen Ford, Mike Whitney, Paul Craig Roberts, William Lind, Chuck Baldwin, Charley Reese, Jack Hunter, Ron Paul and technically millions of others,[2] who wanto see anyone other than McKerry/Obama win this coming election.  It is only on issues whichave no true depthat we disagree.  On foreign policy, …. on returning to our Swiss origins and on repealing the Uncle Stalin Act we are one. 


You are the people I sifthrough for the truth.  Again and again your diagnosis and advice have been on the mark.  We all have different concerns which we find more important, yet all of us knowhat McKerry/Obama victory means. 


The bailout is the most obvious example of the true nature of our kleptocracy and how our current leaders, Republicrats, will gouge this nation until there is nothing left. 


How can we achieve a Baldwin/McKinney/Nader victory and save the country from McKerry/Obama?   Some kind of chain-reaction in consciousness is needed.


Think abouthis.  This is important.  Neither of these two bozos will save the country.  McCain/Obama represent a true threato America, people.  We do need change. 


Where I work, people are so ignorant [not stupid, ignorant] they won’t vote for Obama because he is “socialist”.  Trying to gethem to vote for Baldwin/McKinney/Nader …. how can anyone achieve such a thing?  If they’re not going to vote for Obama ‘cause he’s a pinko, can I gethem to vote for either Baldwin or Nader since both are more “conservative”? 


If one gave a damn abouthe direction we were headed…. what would one do? 


Can some of the above among you getogether, make a Declaration of _________ and encourage people to sign it and email it the coming weeks before thelection?  Some kind of chain-reaction in consciousness is needed.


I _____,______, _____, hereby remind you that voting for a Republican or Democrat for President in 2008 has got to be the biggest mistake you will ever make.  There are viable third party candidates ALL of whom are more “conservative”  and more “liberal”  in that they will end the wars, balance the budget, save the dollar, repeal the Uncle Joe Act/ Patriot Act   and maybe if we get Chuck or Ralph …. seal the border.

Yes,  you have a choice and McCain/Obama should be running together on the wars, the bailout, the border and anything else that doesn’t represent the will of the American people.


I’m not a lawyer Ralph, so you add some words.


How about ,


Anyone who voted for the bailout and or the ‘patriot’ act needs to go down in flames in the House and Senate.  They do, but probably won’t with DieBold.  Anyway, the “hard left/right” who didn’t supporthe crooked bailout or the Uncle Stalin Act are the only hundred or so we need in the House.  They’re what’s left of America in DC and what we were before the shock and awe campaign began. 


PEACE must be the banner of all the third party candidates.   We can save theconomy if we change our foreign policy.  Is this not the best way to balance the budget, to bring them all home as quick as possible and return to our Swiss roots?  [George Washington’s farewell address is the conservative way of saying it, if you were raised by pinkos.]

PC Robertstated that ending the wars and cutting the military budget is the simplest way to balance the federal budget.[3]

Chuck, Cynthia, Ralph, I’d love to see you all announce you would be asking PC Roberts to be your Treasury Secretary.   He gets it no matter who wins.  And remind them,  Roberts is/was Reagan’s economic adviser.


BaldwinMcKinneyNader are all more “conservative” than McKerry/Obama.


This needs to be hammered in.


The words liberal and conservative are used to divide people who normally would agree on issues of common sense. 


Down with Big Brother!

Down with Big Brother!

Death to Big Brother!


We all agree on the ‘patriot’ act as well don’t we?  Fascism, Communism call it what you will,  TYRANNY has raised it’s ugly head. 

Uncle Stalin. 

…and we all despise the sick people who have given it to us.  This is another issue that unites many of us, the idea of freedom. 

Neo-fascist is the word.  Not, neo-con.


Anyway, I agree with Baldwin and Nader on the border, but don’t agree with Baldwin on abortion and Nader on weapons. 

I want a candidate who encourages good people to arm themselves after they finally figure out whathe ‘patriot’ act truly is. 

So repeat after me, Ralph,  “Gun Control is using bothands.”[4]


Can you visualize Ralph and Baldwin running as the true “conservatives” with Ron Paul?  I am serious.  This is very important.  Ron Paul needs to get outhere and emphasis this.  Remind them that you don’t need those who voted for the bailout or the ‘patriot’ act in the House either. 


Can you visualize millions of McCain current supporters leaving him in the last two weeks before thelection for Nader/Baldwin/YourNameHere and then millions of Obama’s the day of thelection?  Personally I think Nader and Baldwin have a much better shot at this because of their stance on the bailout, the border and just about anything else of substance. 


You might say I’m a dreamer. … well until we gethere that’s all I got …


What bothers me is that many who are planning to vote for McCain because of Palin, should be voting for Baldwin as far as abortion.  And Chuck Baldwin needs to end abortion by spreading preventative contraception far and wide.  Many a Christian in America and Europe practices it and infanticide runs rampant in the poorest areas of our world because it is both expensive and unavailable.

Abortion isomething for the states to decide.  If you wish to end abortion then preventative contraception must be made available.


This is too long.  My point is that I would jump up and down with glee if Baldwin won and banned abortion and still preached abstinence because he could bring home our troops and would probably balance the budget.

In any event, Nader is my first choice, but let’s face it Ralph,


You’re older than McKerry.  Your second in command should be someone we all want to see President.  It should be an activist who is somewhat eloquent and hopefully coherent more often than not. 


I get delirious every four years around this time of year.  Technically my world is a biological funeral pyre, and for the last two elections … well…. here are the best choices I have.  Some guy named Nadir.  His bible waving buddy Chuck, and a Congresswoman who gets worse press than Ron Paul. 


Anyway, I stillove you Ralph, but you have to reinvigorate your campaign much like McCain did.  I personally think you should make a list of intelligent activists many Americans would prefer in office over McKerrry/Obama.   And then run withem.  We need a new VP.


I’m serious abouthis here.

There are people who can persuade my parents that Ralph Nader is the conservative candidate on ending the wars, the Uncle Joe Act, and the border. 


Who would be your dream Nader/Baldwin/McKinney running mates?


Sit back and think now … they need to win it for Ralph, be an activist already and actually be willing to take the risk … and be somewhat eloquent. 

[1] Preferably between Baldwin, McKinney and Nader.

[2] Do you realize how many Americans wanto end the war, seal the border, and repeal the patriot act?  I wanthem to seriously give McCain/Obama a run with one of our candidates, …..

[3] To repay those who made the mess ….the messes ….. I say lower income taxes for those making less than 50k/y to zilch and make sure the budget is always balanced on the top one percent while we’re fine tuning theconomy.  You wanto end waste and corruption in government? … I say tax that top one percent ‘til the budget is balanced and we’ll get a far more streamlined and just government.  Either that or Smedley Butler.

 [4] “After the ‘patriot’ act … which is tyranny,  the argument that, in the  last analysis, the greatest case for the right to bear arms is tyranny in government,  is more than convincing.  Thomas Jefferson obviously understood the need for citizens to be ready to fight againstyranny in government.”

 Why do some leftists wanto disarm those where weapons are ofteneeded the most?  Especially withe coming tyranny of govenrment.