What is thEgghead Alliance?
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   In the beginning, ...thEgghead Alliance was a band of exasperated biologists promoting solutions to the ecological catastrophe our species is in the process of creating. 

  Unfortunately, neither the Republicans nor Democrats seem intelligent enough to grasp why we are promoting these policy course corrections.  So the current focus has become the creation of a political movement.  Perhaps, working together, we can empower the following "special interests". 

    1] The first "special interest" group we wish to empower is the troops.  I mean why not?  After all, just about any and every real American does supporthe troops.

   How does one best support our troops? 

  By getting them home now.  Most Americans who have been to Iraq do not want to go back.  Those who are there want to come home.  NOW! 

   One must also remember, ...halting the occupation of Iraq is not endgame.  The idea of scaling back America's worldwide system of military bases is in actuality conservative and economically imperative.  Doing so will also make America more secure.  So if you wanto supporthe troops, you might want to talk to one or two or some of their family.  Bring Them Home Now!  

  More Americans must become more active politically or the munitions makers and oil interests will not be bringing anyone home, anytime soon.  It's not that hard in the Age of the Internet.  Until they shut it down. 

  Perhaps the best way to begin supporting the troops is to read Smedley Butler.  This man is the def of Bushido. He is no dove.  Those who have experienced war in real time and stereo often loathe it the most.

  If you have time, another way to begin understanding how our vets need support may be to read a few of these links.

   Do you know what DU is?  If you don't have a clue, .... avoid CNN, the NYT, and Fox as well as any of the other sources of "info"  owned by seven or so billionaires.  Have you trusted a billionaire to keep you informed?  Try talking to a vet or someone who has a family member of one. 

    DU and you.

   2]Next up, Special Interest Number Two: Economic Sanity.    The current regime in DC, during its first year in office, cut ~200 billion a year from Federal revenues.  How?  By handing an enormous tax-cut to the wealthiest  individuals in America.  The wealthiest one percent of Americans own 40% of the nations assets. What are they going to do with a tax-cut?  

    If you came to the conclusion, "Not much", you are right.  If this makes no sense to you, join the club.  It makes no sense whatsoever economically.  Econmists from both ends of the spectrum, whether true conservatives such as Paul Craig Roberts who served in the Reagan Administration, to lefties like Paul Krugman, are in agreement over their loathing and contempt for our present leaders.

  The sheer debt being incurred by the current regime in DC is a serious threat to America's economic health and must be dealt with. 

  Now logically, the best way to stimulate the economy is to eliminate Federal income taxes for all those claiming less than 50K/yr.  This is what thEgghead Alliance hopes to accomplish one day.  Poorer people will tend to spend any tax-cut they receive, as opposed to the outrageously wealthy, who already have eveything they want and need a thousand times over.  And cutting taxes on working people is one of the easiest way we can agree on helping working Americans, is it not?

  Yet balancing the budget is still a top priority and what better way to raise revenues than by raising income tax rates on the top one percent as much as needed?  

  There is one problem withe Robin Hood solution.  Your lifespan has shortened simply by talking about it. 

 Anyway,  please read either Paul Craig Roberts and/or Paul Krugman, depending on your political leanings. We are in serious trouble economically. 

  3]Hemp for Victory!  Did you know that if America's farmers grew hemp, we wouldn't need to import as much oil or cut down as many trees?  That's because our vehicles can easily be powered by hemp oil and many products such as paper and textiles can be made with hemp fibers.  Did you know our money would be staying at home, reinvested in the Heartland and this would be immensely helpful to all Americans economically in more ways than one?  [Especially our farmers.] That this would be of great benefit ecologically as well? 

  So why is such an obvious and simple solution, backed by our farmers, biologists and many an economist,  not being advocated in DC?  Why?  Oh yeah,  ... the same reason we're in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Greed and corruption have made it impossible to create sane laws.

   4]States Rights.  This country was designed to be a mosaic of extremely eccentric states.  A big problem today is the Feds dabble in everything even though the Constitution specifically states all powers not mentioned are granted to the States. 

  So isn't the correct interpretation of our Constitution that Alabama should be able to illegalize abortion and homosexual marriages, while Vermont should be able to legalize both?     

   5]And last,  but certainly not least; Ecological Reality.  As mentioned, at our core we are biologists who realize our species needs to make some fundamental changes in the way it goes about it's daily business.  Yet one cannot create a political movement around biology since very few voters could care less. 


   As you can see, this is a somewhat diverse group.  Technically however, it represents a huge number of constituents.    Help us empower obviously simple and scientific solutions by joining the "world's sanest pyramid scam!"

"Membership in an organization that has no dues, no meetings, and no responsibilities is the sort of organization we all appreciate. Please promise to try hard to live up to the duties of membership." [1]

   Well, there is one responsibility.  Please  spam this page or the questionnaire to your wannabEgghead friends and tell them you have found a SANE political movement. 

   This is no ordinary political movement.  We don't charge, and we're not lying through our teeth.  [Impossible?  No!] We're simply trying to empower scientific reasoniing, politically. 

Join the World's Sanest Pyramid Scam!

Join thEgghead Alliance!

Email those wannabEggheads! 


 [1] Paraphrased from The Cosmic Connection, Some of my Best Friend's are Dolphins; pg 168, Dr Carl Sagan

 If you're a photogenic household homegrown name ... and are actually willing to be shot in the name of Gaia, Hemp, Anti-War, ...and look good in green ... please email us theggheadalliance@hotmail.com 

  One last point, .... this is NOT a political party.  Parties tend to become corrupt or infiltrated.  Our hope is to educate voters and ecncourage well-known activists to run for the Senate and House as independents in 2006.,  We don't need no stinkin' party.  We need Senator Nelson from Texas, Senator Melloncamp from Indiana, Senator Harrelson from .....from whomever he chooses to represent.  It doesn'take a bribe-taking, sellout of a lawyer to make a great representative.  Just someone with a bit of eloquence and a pinch of common sense.



It is possible to believe that all the past is but the beginning of the beginning, and that all that is and has been is but the twilight of dawn. It is possible to believe that all the human mind has accomplished is but the dream before the awakening Out of our lineage minds will spring, that will reach back to us in our littleness to know us better than we know ourselves. A day will come, one day in the unending succession of days, when beings who are latent in our thoughts and hidden in our loins, shall stand upon this earth as one stands upon a footstool, and shall laugh and reach out their hands amidst the stars -HG Wells [1902]