A Call for Unity
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    NOTE:  If you have been obtaining your information of American foreign policy from a billionaire, the following may be hard for you to stomach.  Please try to rise above shooting the messenger.  Instead, focus your loathing and rage at those who have lied to us, our parents, and our grandparents for all too long.


  Currently, the majority of imbeciles in DC claim Muslims hate us because of our freedoms. They also claim they wish  to spread democracy throughout the region. 

   Those of us who have studied American foreign policy since the end of the Second World realize this is a blatant lie.  From one end of the Islamic world to the other our regime in DC has cozied up to and cuddled one tyrant after another.  The reason Muslims despise us is because our government has denied democracy throughout the region.  The reason for  this is because Muslims will most likely elect representatives who won't cut American energy conglomerates as big of a slice of the pie as our current toadies do.  So our regime has actually stifled democracy throughout the Islamic world.

   Perhaps a review of history is in order.

   When the Iranians overthrew the Shah, no revolutionaries' cause could have been more righteous. The Shah was not only placed in power by the Americans, they overthrew the democratically elected leader Mohammed Mossadeq to put him there![1] Although America's leaders smiled & winked at the Shah's reign of terror, for the Iranians who lived under him, his crimes will never be forgotten.

   Who are the Americans to talk of fighting terrorism when they not only overthrow democratically elected leaders, but install inhuman tyrants when it suits them? Who are the Americans to talk of terrorism as we gaze in their wake of the last half-century? Make that the last century.[2] The textbook case with the installation of the Shah of Iran is but one of many of their meddlesome acts of state inspired "terrorism". Why isnt this war being waged through the UN?

   Unfortunately, Americas hypocrisy with human rights is not the only problem in the Islamic world is it? Again a review of history proves useful. For example, instead of attempting to FORGE UNITY in the Muslim world through consensus & diplomacy after the Iranian Revolution, the Iranians & Iraqis began a long bloody war with one another almost immediately after the overthrow of the Shah; a pointless & prolonged conflict in which a million innocent lives were snuffed out.

   Sending Muslims into battle against other Muslims is not only asinine it is strictly forbidden by the Quran. Gazing upon my globe, I see the "leaders" of the Muslim world at odds with one another over trivial matters, rather than simply sitting in a circle & ruling as they should. Like children, there seems no end to the bickering. Yet, all these differences of the past must be swept aside if you are ever to raise your people to their rightful place.

   In my opinion, the most obvious solution to the obvious double standards of this "war on terrorism" would be the creation of an Islamic [or Arab] version of NATO. If one nation is attacked belligerently it is considered an attack upon all. This would have prevented the Iran-Iraq war, as well as Saddam from "annexing" Kuwait. The American defense industry needed an enemy after the end of the Cold War & it appears the Muslims of this world have been cast in that very role. A $379B military budget? Spare me. The need for a Muslim Alliance is immediate is it not? The double standards of this "war on terrorism" are far too much for those of us striving to create a world built upon justice to tolerate.

   In any event, suppose we create a mutual assistance league & America's leaders are forced to wage their war against terrorists at its source; not with bombs & rhetoric, but by actually creating justice & prosperity. There are still many predicaments which must be dealt with in how the Quran is interpreted & in how it is applied.


   The Italian Renaissance in many a parallel universe is known as the Egyptian Renaissance, or the Iraqi, or the Persian Renaissance; but it did not occur in any of the ancient cradles of civilization here, because Muslims were too busy emphasizing other quotes from the Quran rather than those which dealt with knowledge.[3] Meanwhile, back in Northwest Eurasia, ... ... the Christians were able to colonize the entire world, simply for having become curious about the nature of the universe. While the emphasis of Christianity is almost exclusively upon love & compassion, the Christians were nevertheless able to overthrow the tyranny of the Church & begin seeking out the essence of existence. This is in spite of the fact their only book encouraging one to search for wisdom is borrowed from the Jews: Solomon's book of Proverbs.

   And this brings us to the simple fact of why the Israelis are able to create the abhorrent "facts on the ground" they have over the last half century. When it comes to wisdom, when it comes to knowledge, as a collective, the Jews have no equal.

   "Learn & work as never yet, learn & work as never yet..." -You can hear them mumblin this mantra, as their heads bob back & forth, while praying' at the Wailing Wall. The sins of the Israelis, if there is such a thing as the collective sins of a people, are not of spurning knowledge, nor of discord with one another. No, their sins are the sins of deceit, greed, & hypocrisy. About the only kind thing you can say about Israel, as you gave upon her wake of the last fifty years is, "Well, ... at least they haven't gone as far as the Nazis." 

   And I might remind the more violence prone amoung you, there is no way to uproot them now. God has set them loose to prod Muslims into living like they should. To come together & forget about your differences. TO LEARN AND WORK AS NEVER YET! And do not deceive yourselves for a minute, there is no way to throw them out with force. They have opened Pandora's box; they have in their grasp the ability to destroy us all, & is there any doubt in the way they treat our brothers & sisters in Palestine they would even bat an eyelash in using it?

   They forced their way into Palestine, throwing out millions of Palestinians, & enslaving the remaining who did not flee in "terror". [4] We can make it very hard on them for having done so, if we are willing to sit down together & consolidate our power. Gandhi advocated economic forms of Jihad, & I believe his tactics would be most useful in resisting this Apartheid-like regime led by Sharon. Whenever someone says Israel is a democracy, please remind them the Weimar Republic was as well. The historical parallels are all too ironic.

   In any event, those of us who dream of creating a species or civilization whose code strickly forbids harming one another, know full well it is only through peace, justice, & reconciliation that humanity will survive.

   "Perhaps civilizations arise repeatedly, inexorably on innumerable planets in the Milky Way, but are generally unstable; so all but a tiny fraction are unable to survive their technology and succumb to greed and ignorance, pollution and nuclear war. It is not yet clear that we have the wisdom to avoid our own self-destruction. But many of us are working very hard. We hope that very soon in the perspective of cosmic time we will have united our planet peacefully into an organization cherishing the life of every living creature on it and will be ready to take that next great step [and] become part of a galactic society of civilizations." Mosaic of quotes from Cosmos by Carl Sagan

   We have had the ability to destroy ourselves only a half century or so, what are the odds of us making it another fifty years? What will be dominant species in 2045?[5] .

   When I look at the globe I cover my eyes & shake my head[6] . Not only Muslims must come together & forget their differences, the leaders of all the tribes must do so. This will not be easy, for this is the last thing the selfish & sadistic leaders of this world want. They rule through the oldest concept in the book: divide & conquer. They will make it difficult for us to come together & forge peace; to focus upon our mutual ideals as opposed to our differences. The Cold War ends & look at what they are creating, YET ANOTHER WAR! And for what? THE LOVE OF MONEY!

   Is there not a simple reason compassion & empathy are in essence the core of all the great religions? How will we survive unless we come together & work with one another as brothers & sisters having the technology to destroy ourselves? Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, & even the more modern "belief systems" such as "Scientists", amoung others, all realize why the older "religions" essentially emphasize the same thing[7] .



    Unfortunately, for the most part, the leaders of this world are Darwinian Capitalists & they seem unable to grasp the simplest of logic. For them spiders eat flies, lions eat zebras, & this gives them the right to eat anything & everything they can fit into their mouths. These gluttons laugh at the idea of compassion because their "role models" are not the founders of any of the great religions but only the simplest of animals. Essentially they're self-defined apes with a little tech. Pack animals with tactical nuclear weapons, but nonetheless pack animals. To end with a quote or two;

HG Wells - Human history becomes more & more a race between education & catastrophe.

HGW - My idea of politics is an open conspiracy against these tiresome wasteful evil things -nationality & war-; to end this empire & that empire & set up one Empire of Man.

K Malachite




1 "In a candid report, the New York Times revealed the elite sentiments toward the Shah's violent restoration: "Underdeveloped countries with rich resources now have an object lesson in the heavy cost that must be paid with fanatical nationalism.  It is perhaps too much to hope that Iran's experience will prevent the rise of Mossadeghs in other countries", who may similarly wish to eliminate massive poverty, "but that experience may at least strengthen the hands of more reasonable & more far-seeing leaders", who will henceforth keep to their subservient role of repressing their people, while providing cheap labour & resources to their Western masters." The 1991 Gulf Massacre: The Historical & Strategic Context of Western Terrorism in The Gulf, by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed [who is in turn quoting from the New York Times, 6 August 1954.]http://www.mediamonitors.net/mosaddeq14.html

2 We got some Native Americans in the back wanting to talk about the last five centuries, where Hitler got some of his ideas, & why he called the Russians "redskins." http://www.twf.org/News/Y2001/0911-Racket.html

3 "Perhaps time itself has many potential dimensions, ...by visiting them we could truly understand how history works; history would become an experimental science What if the scientific tradition of the Ionian Greeks had survived & flourished? What if that light that dawned in the eastern Mediterranean 2,500 years ago had not flickered out? What if science & the experimental method ... had been vigorously pursued 2,000 years before the Industrial Revolution? I think we might by now be venturing to the stars. Our first survey ships to Alpha Centauri & Barnards Star, Sirius, & Tau Ceti would have returned long ago. Great fleets of interstellar transports would be under construction in Earth orbit unmanned survey ships, liners for immigrants, immense trading ships to plow the seas of space." Sagan, Cosmos, Travels in Space & Time, pg. 208-210.

4 Interstingly, the British coined the word "terrorist" in referring to Zionists who had a bad habit of blowing up buildings and assassinating opponents.

5 I would bet everything I own on the cockroaches, whom I [jokingly] refer to as the Master Race.

6 I need an offworld vacation more than anything.

7 Please See: TheFarSide, Larson, Gary, The First Cruise Arrow is Tested.