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Col Tuttle


When you get right down to it, the Quag in Babylon is the opposite of almost everything its designers had hoped it would be.

This occupation was to show the pre-eminence of American military power. Instead we find the _____ at the trough charge so much for supplies and parts its simply too expensive for America to wage even an "easy" war against a famished adversary for over a year without serious costs. So far, as of today, its cost you, me and our grandchildren ~ ___+ billion.

Second problem is the Iraqis will not accept American crooks running their country. They not only will fight to choose their own leaders, they most certainly will not hand over oil to pay for an internationally illegal war, and if they have their way will demand reparations from America for the next serious "problem", .... the one of WarCrimes.

Yes, my fellow Americans, the true problem is the complete illegality of using the technology which was referred to by Rumsfeld and handlers as "shock and awe". Americas leaders have committed horrible war crimes againsthe Iraqi people and .... amazingly ..... to their own "grunts" [us] as well.

If you dont know elementary chem let me fill you in. Lead has the most protons of any commonly known, day-to-day substance [82]. Which is why it is so heavy so "dense" so to speak. Uranium however, and we are referring to all its isotopes, has even more [92]. making it denser, and this is the reason depleted uranium [DU] is used by the American military for ammunition. Its simply the latest in cannon balls. Unfortunately ......

the ______ is highly toxic. One in every three veterans of the "FirstGulfWar" has applied for disability [<200,000]. The Army technicians and doctors who went into assess the battlefield in 1991 are either dead [at least 30] or dying. Now the fourth problem is ......

the American Media lies through its teeth. The seven billionaires who own 90+% of all tv radio and printed information ..... are good friends at the country club with their buddies in the oil cartel who thought it would be a great idea to punish President Hussein/Saddam for his insolence, ...... grab control of the flow of Iraqi oil and hit Syria and Iran next. Anyway, theres no need to mention DU data. There's nothing to these veterans illnesses.

Now anyone with a modem and a computer can read about the toxic effects of this substance, and just because the seven _______ who own every source of news you [the majority of Americans] hear would rather discuss Michael Jackson's problems, or maybe even Martha Stewart's, ..... while not covering the health of even ten percent of the worst of vets of the "first" gulf war, doesn't mean its not true and we have a serious problem with those who rule America.

Whato do? Well, Kerry and bush are two sides of the same coin. Puppets of the wealthiest families they are. The monarchies which have ruled America for longer than any of us would care to admit pull their strings.

[Not true? Why was JFK descended from a criminal syndicate?]

I want Americans in Iraq who understand we need to leave now and not worry about the flow of oil to openly campaign for Ralph Nader.

The Americans in Iraq who want out now should pass out Arabic versions of this. To the Iraqis


We dont want to be here. You dont want us to be here. We want to go home and you want us out. Unfortunately if either Bush or Kerry win .... neither will pull us out.

The Iraqi people and ourselves have been exposed to a toxic wasteland in many circumstances. We were not told of this before we came here. We were told you would greet us as liberators. Now our own leaders will not take us out and let you hold fair and free elections. Why?

Well, they expect the oil to pay for the war. Your oil. They dump 3K tonnes of uranium in and around the landscape and they want you to pay for the war. We respect you for not willingly taking American hand picked criminals to run your country. Its a shame you have to kill us and any Iraqi stupid enough to work for us to get the point across but we want out too.

So there you have it the criminals who run America have Bush in one hand and Kerry in the other. Their tongue is the media most Americans unfortunately believe. And they sent us here to put their hand picked toady criminal cronies in charge of Babylonian Oil Inc. You're too smart to take them and they havent seen enough blood, ours and yours.

What to do? well, .. how bout a cease fire til the American election. If Ralphie wins instead of Kerry or bush  then we are out of here and you can have your own elections in a week. Sound good? Its easy.

As logical as thisounds it will not happen. Why? Well, the individual people who hold the reigns of power in America are not about to let Iraq become an Islamic Republic. Its just not allowed. Its nowhere in the rule book. Iraq is supposed to supply its oil via a terminal in Haifa to the Mediterrean. See here, on page .

So youre trying to kill us and we wanto go home. And it doesnt look like we have a chance unless you vote for the only Anti-War Candidate.  Mankind's last and only hope.... Ralph Nader!!!!!