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I wake thinking as I rise from dream fragments, how the United States is now considered the most evil Reich on our speck of dust today. My screen saver begins by flashing many positive images but as you get say 20 or so into it, you have two pictures side by side. One is of Osama and the other is the fake they put in the video conveniently "found" in Afghanistan, which was trumpeted by the Administration as evidence of his guilt.

You can just feel the Arab disgust athe fake. Its what some of us feel towards the framing of Oswald. Its an obvious forgery.

These guys in the Bush Admin are far worse than that, they are war criminals. They just dosed Iraq and their own people with a toxic substance that is a known carcinogen. DU. Depleted Uranium. The United States Military's ammunition is as illegal as sarin, bioweapons, etc.

One in every three veterans of the first pounding of Iraq has applied for disability. Thats approximately 200,000.

The government has completely abandoned the vets as far as benefits and completely denied the existence of "Gulf War Syndrome" simply because if they do help the vets at home theyll have to pay war payments to the millions of Iraqis with similar symptoms. Many dollars, over manyears. Better to simply pretend it never happened.


Then after Osama and his fake, [on my screen saver] there is a flash to Jr., Fredo Corleon Inc., the idiot king, the puppet of Oil Heirs who have really _______ up this time. Their puppet Bush on a credit card. Smiling. Id have far more confidence and so would most of you if it was Alfred E. Neumann

REPUBLICARD 1980 1984 1988 2000

Spend like theres no tomorrow!

A 500 BILLION. 500,000,000,000 each and every year, annual account deficit. This huge gulf in spending and earnings by our own government is because Jr. has given the top one to five percent of the wealthiest people in this country, [who already own 40 and 60% of the country already respectively] a huge tax break for the last three years. Or maybe we should say the top one percent have given themselves a huge tax cut via their puppet in the white mansion for the last three years.

This is insane. Outrageous. Nutty. It isnt a war crime like sending your own soldiers into battle with ammunition which is quite toxic, but it does show the absolute stupidity of the current administration and the hopes John Kerry can be allowed to play a somewhat saner figurehead.


Do we have much of a chance with a slightly different puppet? Well, the Iraqis want us out and our people in there would love to be home tomorrow. I think thats the best idea and I think the only individual I can vote for as an American is one who would be willing to do that. In fact I recommend the boys vote for someone over there who is somewhat articulate and definitely Colonel or under who would run on leaving with everyone on ...... the first day possible. [I dont think someone in the military can run but it would be kinda cool]


John Kerry doesnt have that in mind. He wants more Americans in Iraq. I not only won't vote for someone who doesn't want what our troops and Iraqis want, which is for them out, but will actively attempto elect the only candidate who does.  Ralph Nader.

The war wasupposed to run like this. We would go in and have the oil pay for the war, making a huge fortune off the oil for all the crooked and criminal conglomerates that are the reason the war has already cost so much.

Yethe Iraqis hate Americans and kill everyone they can get in their sites. Why?

Once upon a time, BushClinton pushed sanctions for years, causing close to a million people to die from lack of medicine and basic hygiene. This is after Bush also bombed much of the country's infrastructure back into the "dark ages". Clinton continued to use the country for target practice while making sure many children died from the sanctions.

President Hussein [if they can call Bush Prez, might as well give Hussein credit], as sadistic as he was, actually had made Iraq the most modern economy of the entire region. Certainly the Arab world. The greatest problem for doctors in Iraq before the first Bush bombed the country back into the "dark ages" quite literally was childhood obesity. Woman were emancipated. He was a sadist however, and of course, for a long time a good friend of our own government. Love the pics of him and Rumsfeld shaking hands. Trains were on time but where'd they lead to kinda situation. [Did Hussein get the torture idea techniques from Rumy or vice versa?]
Fast forward to the mid 90s. Children dying everywhere. And look! How cute. A mutant. Yeah seems the reason one in three vets of the first Gulf War have applied for disability is also the cause of a huge rash of cancer cases concentrated in certain areas.  Only an American with their head in the sand doesn't understand why their own government's foreign policies are the reason we are hated.  It takes a real class act to make Hussein's reign look nostalgic.
SO ....anyway 2003. Here come the Americans. What ya gonna do?
  "These are the _______ who bombed every bridge, electrical power plant, factory, etc. ten years ago, denied us food and medicine for the last ten years, and caused the deaths of who knows how many children  I knew.  I'll get an American for every kid's funeral I've been too since they destroyed the country. 
  "And that imbecile Saddam, while being an ______, and a fool for not backing down and giving us a democracy before these ______ actually invaded the homeland, well, ...he suredoes like to keep weapons stored everywhere.  'Here ya go, boy. Nothing like a good mortar or grenade launcher 'n your hand to cleanse us of the radioactive filth who destroyed our country.'


Meanwhile,  ... back in Afghanistan, or possibly somewhere else south of the border, .....People in Mexico City named children after Osama even before the war in Afghanistan began. Why? Why would this guy who screams out for American blood have more T-shirts worn than possibly anyone else on the planet at the moment? Why is he the hero of the Arab world?



In many respects he is an Islamic version of what our founding fathers were. He ain't shootin at the whites of our eyes, but the American government's track record in the Muslim world since Hitler's death is far worse than the treatment the founders of our country endured under Britannia.

Open elections are what Iraqis want, not what our government, the crooked American Reich wants.  Youre crazy if you donthink every Shia in Iraq doesnt wanto vote for Sistanni or someone he picks today.  What do the Shah and Saddam have in common?  Study your history!


Why is Osama a freedom fighter for going to Afghanistan to free it from the Soviets, but a terrorist when he wants the Americans out of the Holy lands and justice for the palestinians? 

Don't resort to double speak. The American and the British GOVERNMENT FOREIGN POLICIES are the real villains in this conflict and the American people are unfortunately completely unaware of it. 

Is the American government still a democracy? Why does it stifle democracy in the Islamic world? Look athe track record. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Shah in Iran, and another dozen or so other MONarchies. Some more unpleasant than others.  

  It was like that when I got here.   


This is going to be hard to swallow for 80+% of all Americans who trust an American media owned by a dozen or less lying billionaires and can't name one.  Please do NOT kill the messenger.  What is truth?  I hate to say it, but this is. 

Bin Laden wants to overthrow corrupt,




and most of all

American sponsored and in many cases

installed regimes throughout the Muslim world. From west to east the only true democracy in the Muslim world from Morocco to Indonesia is Malaysia. 

 In Iran recently, many parlimentary leaders were branded unfit for office and Iran's parliment is no longer a representation of the will of its people.  Indonesia has always been so corrupt it is more a kleptocracy that a democracy. 

Iran is a truly sad case.  The Iranian people had to throw off an American installed tyrant [the Shah] who was as sadistic as they come to achieve a government far closer to an actual democracy. Our American founders starting shooting Limeys for far less. We should be ashamed for having supported this reign of terror on the Iranian people. [1953-78]

Osama, whether you understand the Animal Farm cycle of the situation or not, is fighting for his peoples' rights against American installed and funded tyrannies. A man screaming for American blood is doing so because our government gave his world the Shah, Saddam,  many corrupt regimes in the Islamic world, and Israel to top it off.  We need to stop doing this! Maybe he will come to his senses in how he is killing innocents at this point. 

The true reason this is allowed to continue is the American people, are truly ignorant of their own history. Those who getheir news from the dozen or so American billionaires who own 90%+ of the info services [TV, Radio, Print] are being lied to worse than Germans were by Goebbels.

I wasn't even a teenager when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan.  When Reagan became president, he spoke of Muhajeem, Holy Wariors, Freedom Fighters, etc. 

Now they are fighting, not  the Soviets in Afghanistan, but us in Afghanistan, and Iraq, ...... and our funding of Israel; who treats Palestinians WORSE than our own south did blacks in the early 20th century.  That's something to think about.  Then look at our other "allies" and their human rights records throughout the region.   I am ashamed of American policy. I am so sorry it has come to this.

Bushspeak says they hate us because we are free [once were anyway],  but they actually hate us for funding corrupt, completely undemocratic, some-outright tyrannies, from one side of the Muslim world to the other.  They don't hate us because of our freedoms, they hate us because we deny them theirs!  

Then some genius decided to set up American military bases in Saudi Arabia.  ....

If you want peace you have to pull out.  Most Muslims aren't fanatics.  They see the West as corrupt and poisonous because, even though most of you are unaware, that is what our government has become.  DU[H]

Can you think of any logical reason to not pull out and call for immediate elections in every one of our allies throughout the region?

I can think of two illogical ones.

1]Our oil companies won't be making as much because the locals will nationalize profits and waste it on schools, hospitals,  other unnecessary elements of infrastructure ....

2]Most democracies with a majority of Muslims are going to vote for candidates who will together forge a policy attempting to stop what is happening to the Palestinian people.  So you have your Oil and Israeli interests opposed to the idea of democracy throughout the Islamic World.  

We should rid ourselves of representatives who dont call out for democracy throughouthe region and sadly this is nothe aim of the American government. As mentioned earlier, the American government is extremely cozy to monarchies and tyrannies because it has devolved into a crypto-plutocracy, .. a kleptocracy, which is hidden because 90% of most Americans getheir information from the kleptocracy itself.

Those of us who read alternative and often far more accurate and true information sources on the net realize our glorious leaders are pushing the envelope on all too many fields. Whether economics, ecology, worldwide hatred and loathing, you name it, . Fredo Inc. has failed miserably.


We need a regime change here. We need Robin Hood. The Rich and not so famous can pay through the nose and pay off the deficits. Theyre the _______ who made it. And taxing them isnt going to effect the economy all that much either since they already have everything they need and simply watch the pile grow for the most part.

We need a leader who runs on giving the Iraqis a democracy tomorrow. And Arabia. And Egypt. And Israel that would be really nice to see. Everyone getting a vote from Morocco to the Indus. It is nothat hard. And the beautiful part is the troops will vote for that someone who will gethem home ASAP and give the Iraqis a vote. Which would scare our "leaders" to death. Iraq would become in effect what they paid Saddam to stop after the fall of the Shah, and throughout the 1980s, an Islamic Republic. I think thats great. Ill be the first to apologize for actions which happened before I was born. Because I truly am sorry my government installed the Shah and cozied up to Saddam. Nothing wrong with democracy.

Anyone wanto try and draft someone real, someone who can win, someone who wants to win? ..... cause I can not vote for someone who isnt ready to bail now in a war I didnt want to start in the first place.

Whats really funny is if the people of the Muslim world were to unite and vote for a leader .....


.... and that's what our [illegitimate] government fears ... a united, strong and peaceful Muslim world. Where the leader[s] takes most of the money on a world economy thirsty for oil and invests it in his people.

The only way to get Osama to stop advocating killing innocent civilians is by pulling out of the Islamic world.  

  Meanwhile,  our only friend in the region, Israel, breeds a herd of slaves in its version of ghettos;

Should we not take a Gandhi-like approach and call for an Embargo of Israel via al Jazeera. 

Anyway, ... I would love to have an American foreign policy I am not ashamed of.  How can we get Osama and every Muslim to renounce violence and call for economic jihad when we are shelling cities in Iraq and sponsering the same in Israel.  The Israelis are actually starving the Palestinians these days.  Some call it genocide.  Borderline malnutrition isn't so borderline these days ....

What the America and British governments have done throughout the region since the end of WWII is ongoing ... and a crime all the more so.  We need to make amends of our own should we not?