ThEggHead Alliance
ThEggHead Alliance Questionnaire




1 Are six billion people enough? [Y/N]

2 Athis point in human history a wise hominid would prefer to

    a] incinerate,

    b] rejuvenate, the worlds remaining forests.

3 What is the status of Borneo?Zaire?Madagascar?

    a] never been better

    b]  going, going, gone.

4 Do you ever feel like they made a mistake a dropped you on the wrong planet? [Y/N]

5 Assuming advanced civilizations exist, what would they think about SAPIENS?

    a] Most noble creatures arent they?

    b] Nasty little ____, eh?

    c] I told you to splice in more brains, but no, NO, "They just  need to

                               use what they got."





Will any of this change? Well, ... ... ... we here at the alliance have decided it must. We are in the process of creatin' the sanest pyramid scam in history. YOU have been chosen to lead thEgghead Alliance to victory. .... .Hopefully. ..... .. Anyway, ... ... Please mail in your answers and convert as many eggheads to the alliance as possible.

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