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... Yesterday, I had an interesting conversation with a prison friend. He told me that I need to mellow out and just do my time that I can't win against these people. I get that a lot from folks, even from supporters on the outs.

Revolution is a way of life. It is not one act of resistance. Who we are and how we live will decide the future. I play many roles in my life: I am a son, a brother, an uncle, a best friend and a prisoner. But before every one of those, I am a warrior. I live my entire life in resistance to society's mindless destruction.

In every role we play, we must be revolutionary. How can we change things if we do not change ourselves? We must rid ourselves of the oppressor within and that starts with our personal relationships. It starts with how we choose to live.

I came to prison as a result of the way I lived my life. I challenged the system and its allies in every fashion from dialogue to action. It is who I am. I will not cower before repression. I will not leave the side of our animal relations. I will not be silenced in my defense of Mother Earth. I am alive and strong, and I will fight because the spirit is with me.

I did not leave these beliefs at the prison gates. My spirit is as strong and defiant as ever. I will always struggle with every means available to me. And with my dying breath, I will cry for freedom if need be. As we all must.

It is our warrior spirit that makes us strong. It is our willingness to struggle to the end, never giving up, that will see us through. Against all odds, we must stand strong and united, courageous with the belief that our spirits cannot be broken. We stand with the strength of Mother Earth, with the strength of all our animal brothers and sisters and the web of life.

We are all descendants of ancient cultures that once lived in harmony and balance with the Earth. Yet, thousands of years of genocide and assimilation have brought us to where we are today. It is time each of us remembers our collective past. It is time each of us renews our oath to the web of life. We must rekindle the flames of our warrior spirit.

Each generation has a responsibility to make things better for the next. My sisters and brothers, it is time to unite. It is time to rise. It is time to fight like we've never fought before. We must challenge this system and all of its sickness on every front. And against all odds, we must win.

Free is serving a 22-year sentence for burning SUVs at a car dealership in Eugene, Oregon, in June 2000.


Most members of the Alliance would have prefered Free had not incinerated a few SUVs, but rather, completed a study verifying [our belief in] a direct correlation between more fuel efficient vehicles and higher IQs.  We understand Free's rage athe stupidity of these Lemmings and their SUVs, however, and often feel we belong to a race of mentally-challenged apes ourselves.  Burning a few SUVs however is nothe solution.  We grok you Free, but wish you had proven that less fuel efficient vehicles tend to be driven by denser hominids. 

Keep the Faith!  Most excellent article.  Looks like you'll have plenty of time to write. [Which might not be such a bad thing.  Do you need a notebook computer?  We'll be glad to pitch in.]  Nextime sit in a tree or get Capt'n Watson to give you a list of hard targets [which might actually slow the hemorrhaging].  The above work is unbelievably uplifting and we sincerely hope you are soon freed.  There is still hope of creating a pristine, crystal blue marble floating in an endless void, with just a smudge less anguish and a bit more joy, with lovable SOBs such as yourself still breathing. Who loves ya!? KEEP THE FAITH!