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         Dr. Albrecht,


   As you may or may not know the power of prayer is based upon the effect thought has upon the “material” world.  Since you have umpteen listeners, I suggest you have all of us all pray for you to heal at a certain time each and every day.  We should concentrate on sending you positive, healing thoughts, of surrounding you with white light.

As if the God enclosed you in his hollowed hands.


I pray you will be willing to be the first subject in a scientific experiment.


I can virtually guarantee you many of your listeners would partake in this research.  When you have healed and shown complete remission, we can then have those who prayed send an email  in, or participate in a questionnaire, and have a rough guess as to how many partook in this little experiment and for how long.   

We can then continue on the next individual who needs help.  They should be someone active within, active, within the freedom/liberty movement, should they not?


ASIDE: My spirituality has always been based upon empirical evidence I have collected myself.  I would highly recommend you watch the following link, for science has finally caught up to what many of us have known for years.

please fast forward  2:45 in if you wish.  

This is the first part of a three part series. 


I myself was having precognitive dreams when not much older than ten.  I went to the library and researched all I could on dreams.  Most books dealing with dreams -make that all books but one-, were essentially encyclopedias detailing how this symbol meant this and that symbol meant that. 

Not at all helpful.

Thank the Maker one book I managed to find in a bookstore had one chapter devoted to dreams.    This book said we all have our own symbology and we should record our dreams and then try to interpret them ourselves.  Doing this, a long experiment that has been going on for almost thirtyears and has data added to it virtually every waking morning, has helped me to lead my life in an intensely spiritual way.

When I eat healthily, when I meditate daily, when I get exercise and do yoga, etc, my senses are heightened.  Our consciousness grows when we “shine from within”.


I believe all things happen for a reason and perhaps we can show how _________ of people concentrating on one person can make them whole.


One last link.   William Tiller, Dept. head of Physics at Stanford seems to agree with myself on our ability to grow in consciousness from his own life experiences.



May we be one Father, just as you and I are one.  John 17:23

Peace Love Flowers

Will Binder